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   Chapter 870 A Pleasant Surprise (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8205

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:46

"So... you think that I still have a chance with her?" To be honest, Rain didn't even want to think about seeing Annie again. Part of him always believed that they would never meet again, and that he had already lost her for sure. So many years later, when he finally saw the woman who had been in his mind day and night walking past him in front of his eyes, holding hands with two young kids with a gentle smile on her face, his eyes popped out in disbelief. He froze in place, stared blankly at her, watching her disappear before his eyes without doing anything. He couldn't believe his own eyes, and he couldn't think straight. He just dumbly stood there. Before he knew it, she was gone. And right at that time, he finally realized who he saw just now and hurriedly started to look for her in vain. But unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found.

"Well, I mean, if you really want to see her, I believe that you two will definitely meet again. It all depends on you, you know? You just have to figure out what you really want." Edward poured himself a cup of tea. Ever since his father learnt how to make tea from Daisy, he spent every day studying how to do it perfectly. So wherever he was, there was always a tea set with him. He needed to figure out the secret.

"Well, I guess we will talk about it later. I just want to get my mind off it for now. And I wanted to ask earlier, where's Daisy? Does she still have to work on National Day?" Compared to Daisy, Rain thought that he was indeed luckier than her. Though he always liked to complain about his work, in fact, he was being treated the same way as his CEO. And more importantly, he had absolute control over his work schedule. At least, he didn't have to work overtime.

"Yeah. I guess today she's even busier than usual." Edward's brows lowered as he frowned. Maybe this was the disadvantage of having a colonel as his wife. He was constantly worried about her safety, especially when every other families were together, celebrating the lovely holiday and just enjoying being with one another.

"Oh. Shame that she can't join us. It seems that Daisy works really hard, but everyone else just sees her status instead of the hard work." Rain let out a sigh. He knew that as a woman, it was pretty difficult to achieve the status Daisy had today all by her own hand. To be honest, if he were Daisy, he probably couldn't do as well as her, and he was a man. So he really deeply admired and

because her beautiful eyes were still a little red. Indeed, everyone could tell.

"Ah! Mommy, you are a senior colonel now! Grandpa, Uncle Rain, look! My mommy is a senior colonel!" Justin had lived at the army base since a very young age, so he knew very well about the different Army ranks. That was why he couldn't help but shout excitedly when he saw the brand new two bars and four stars on his mommy's shoulder. He was so happy that it seemed that he was the one getting a promotion.

"What? Justin, you are not kidding, right? Daisy, is it true? Let me see!" Excited, Rain jumped up and practically ran straight over to Daisy. But he couldn't see anything different about her. What the hell? How did both Edward and Justin know that she got a promotion?

"Uncle Rain, where are you looking? Look at my mommy's shoulder! Her epaulet!" But Rain still looked quite confused, which made Justin feel very anxious. How could he be so oblivious? Justin just couldn't understand. It was right in front of his eyes! And still, he just couldn't see it.

"Her epaulet? What's wrong with her epaulet? There isn't anything special about it." Rain knew nothing about the military, so he couldn't tell the difference between the insignias of one rank and another. Ever since he came into contact with Daisy, he started to be interested in some military stuff. A little.

"Come on! You're just so dumb sometimes! Can't you see there's another star on the epaulet?" Justin looked at Rain in disdain. He practically told him the answer! But Rain, being his usual oblivious self, still couldn't crack the code. Well, he was dumb sometimes.

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