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   Chapter 869 A Pleasant Surprise (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7478

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:46

"Haha! Justin, you're really something else!" Rain was still laughing with reckless abandon. Looking at Edward, who was at a loss for words, he never felt this amused and happy. Edward must be quite helpless and sulky after hearing his own son talking about him like that!

"Uncle Rain, why are you laughing? Am I wrong?" The little guy looked very confused. He tilted his head, thinking about what he said just now that could make Rain laugh so merrily. Was what he said not right?

"No! You are definitely right, Justin. Your daddy is bold and impudent, true. But as to his personality... Well, Justin, I won't say that he has a good personality, you know? After all, have you ever seen a man who has no shame but has a good personality?" The smile on Rain's face hadn't disappeared. He didn't have his own family, so only in Edward's house could he feel the warmth of home.

"Rain, you're going to get your ass kicked." Edward had already felt very helpless about what Justin said, and was at a loss for words. Now, he let loose on Rain. He glared at him sideways, eyes full of coldness. Rain was in for it now.

"Damn it, Edward. Why am I the one always getting kicked? I didn't say anything! That was all Justin!" Rain said, his mouth crumpled, feeling quite misrepresented. He knew he would never get the upper hand when facing Edward.

"Rain, You know exactly the reason why you're the one. So don't ask. Just know you're screwed." Tom curled his lips, and he glanced at Rain with disdain. He shook his head. Why couldn't Rain just understand that he was never going to win against Edward? This kind of situation happened a lot, and Rain just wouldn't learn his lesson. After all, Edward was their boss. Nobody would ever have the upper hand over their boss. That was just the way it was.

"Well, it couldn't hurt to try, right? But again, why are you here, Tom? We're all on holiday here, but you are a doctor. Shouldn't you be in the hospital now? Aren't there any patients during the holiday?" Rain asked curiously, but the look on his face showed a message of defiance. He was annoyed at what Tom said, and wasn't going to take it lying down.

"I'm not the only doctor at Renxin Hospital, much less the whole city. If

nie go. Now the only thing you can feel is regret." In Edward's eyes, Annie was a good girl. Though at first she was a bit too restless for his liking, she became quite mature and calm as time went by. She was indeed quite lovely. He couldn't understand why Rain was so picky about her. And look how it turned out now. Was this what Rain truly wanted? Definitely not! But now, there was nothing he could do but admit his own mistake and go on with his life.

"What a dick! Why are you bringing up this now Edward? It's a holiday, give me a break for once, will you? Thanks a lot for making me feel sad and lonely!" Rain's face echoed the sadness inflicted by the cruel fact that Edward had mentioned. There was no trace of delight left on his beautiful face. It looked like that no matter how time passed, Annie would always be the 'sting' in his heart that he could never let go.

"It was just a friendly reminder. In case you stupidly let go of her the next time. If there is a next time. I still can't understand why you did such a dumbass thing anyway. What were you thinking?" Ever since Edward got back together with Daisy, he put many things in perspective, and finally gained the love he always wanted. Now, he lived life to the fullest, and his life was wonderful. For the first time in his life, he felt truly happy about everything he had. So he couldn't help but want the same happiness for his friends. He hoped that they all found true love and could be happy just like him.

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