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   Chapter 868 Senior Colonel (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7783

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:28

"Enough of this. Listen up! Leaders and soldiers, I have an announcement to make. First, let's welcome Colonel Daisy to the stage with our warm applause." At that time there was an excited crowd around Daisy, and their voices suddenly filled the air, followed by loud cheers. Daisy grew confused, and struggled to maintain her composure, as her normal bashfulness was brought to the surface by the recognition and applause.

"Go up there girl! What are you thinking?" The commander said with a smile on his face, looking at her with a tenderness dawning in his eyes.

Daisy took a deep breath, then patted her hair and straightened out her uniform. When she was sure her appearance was fine, then she gained the confidence to take the stage. She still felt a bit nervous not knowing what was coming.

"Colonel Daisy, congratulations! Due to your contribution leading to the capture of the drug dealers last time and all the good deeds you've already become well-known for, now you are promoted to Senior Colonel." The host said, then took the Colonel insignia from Daisy's shoulder, replacing it with the Senior Colonel insignia -- four stars bounded by two bars on either side -- on her shoulder. He also applied the companion insignia on her collar. Daisy stood there quietly, partly out of her soldier training, and partly out of confusion and let the emcee do everything.

Kevin was extremely excited about this news. He almost didn't believe it. They'd been waiting for this day for so long. Hearing that the dream had finally been achieved was almost too much. Daisy had worked hard for this honor, and had survived rigors that almost beyond imagination. So she deserved this honor.

The tears began to well up in Mark's eyes. He thought all the efforts Daisy had made hadn't gone to waste and he knew this day would finally come. When this day came, he had a violent desire to cry. If you wanted to ask who was his idol, the answer would be his colonel. No, he was supposed to address her as Senior Colonel from that day on.

"Senior Colonel, do you have something to say to our soldiers?" The host gave Daisy the microphone. He assumed she would have a lot to say.

"Leaders and soldiers, first, I need to say thank you to you all. Thanks for all your great kindness and recognition. And I can show you that I sta

for a long time.

At that moment, Edward's house was full of joy. It wasn't for celebrating Daisy's promotion, but for the reunion with Rain and some other people. All of them were taking the holiday to gather to eat dinner.

"Uncle Rain, how can you be like this? Apparently, you're the loser." Justin glared at Rain and complained with his lips pouted. His face flushed crimson with anger.

"Kid, haven't you heard? 'All warfare is based on deception.' If you lose, you lose. So, just admit defeat for once!" Rain said and raised his eyebrow. He was in a better mood when he saw Justin's angry red face.

"Daddy, see? Uncle Rain cheated." Little Justin asked for the help from his dad with his eyes filled with grief when he found he couldn't argue with Rain.

"It's his personality, so you must be shameless enough if you want to play chess with him." That was Edward. His tone was always calm and emotionless, but his remarks could always hit the nail on the head.

"Edward, what's wrong with my personality. Speaking of shameless, I'm not your match there." Rain disagreed with Edward and became furious on hearing him pronounce judgement on him.

"Uncle Rain, My daddy is a little bit impudent, but he has a good personality." Justin said in a boyish voice, his young face looking much more serious, which made Rain burst into laughter suddenly. But Edward's face blackened when he heard what Justin said. He stared at his son in doubt, the son whom he always thought smart and talented. That little imp just put Edward in his place.

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