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   Chapter 866 Daisy's Rage (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6980

Updated: 2019-01-09 02:44

"Who said I wasn't angry anymore? No matter what your reasons are, you still hurt me and I'm still mad." Daisy turned her head away, pouting. At the same time, she was wondering whom Edward was talking about. Since Edward kept hinting about him or her, she had to know. Who was it? It must have been someone who meant something to both of them.

"Sorry. How about this? Next time, you kick me out of the car. You were fine, though. I never would have done that if Mark hadn't been following us. You really hurt my feelings today. I waited for you for two hours and then you told me that you forgot about our appointment. Although I love you, I am a man and I have a temper. You're the only one I have waited for. Not my friends, not my colleagues. Not even my parents. Can you imagine how important you are to me?"

Edward said to her after he had turned her around. That was true. Throughout his life, everybody humored him. Yet with Daisy, he was extremely patient and indulgent. When she forgot that he had been waiting, he preferred a white lie to the truth. Sometimes the truth hurt.

"That was why you were angry, but no matter what, you shouldn't have stranded me. I almost cried my eyes out." Daisy knew what she had done was out of line. Besides, it had happened more than once, and Edward had never been angry about it before. However, somehow, she was always forgetful when it came to Edward. She wasn't like this normally. In a nutshell, she relied on Edward too much and she had believed that no matter what she did, he wouldn't be mad at her. Now she realized that she was wrong. He didn't have to keep ignoring her behavior and had no reason to forgive her for the mistakes she kept making over and over.

"I was mad at first, but I got over it like I always do. Now that we're married, I should understand you completely. As an only son, I feel superior to others and am proud like many other sons of rich families. So, sometimes I'm an incorrigible ass. But today, my anger was a sham. I started the fight on purpose. It was because of the person I just mentioned. If t

ead. You can't report me without evidence. And for that, you'll have to really hit the streets. Do you still want to do that? I've got a pretty outfit you can wear." Daisy looked at him arrogantly, having forgotten about the fight. She didn't hold a grudge, except when it came to Leo.

"You'll be my client, right? It's okay then. I'll enjoy it. I can make money and get to sleep with a beautiful woman like you at the same time. How cool is that?" Edward would never be beaten in a debate. He was the master strategist when it came to war of words.

"Don't get cocky. I'll ask the police to put you away. Start with a detention for ten days. Now, back to serious business. How in the world would Jessica be capable of messing with a large group like FX International? Who's backing her? And more importantly, why?" Daisy wasn't sure how many assets FX International had, but from Edward's extravagant lifestyle, she was convinced that it would cost enormous amount of capital to bring FX International down. She wondered who was funding Jessica.

"Just some spendthrift from a wealthy family. Don't worry. I wouldn't let you support me. They won't beat me. According to my intel, they're fighting a hopeless battle." Edward was confident about this. He expected that it wouldn't be long before he turned the tables and bought out Kompass Group. Then the threat would be over, for now.

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