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   Chapter 865 Daisy's Rage (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7236

Updated: 2019-01-09 02:44

Edward walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, with some beads of water on his fair skin. Due to exercise, his body was a perfect inverted triangle, fit and slim.

He casually grabbed a towel and dried his sopping hair. Lips tightened, he paced to the bed. Daisy seemed to be in a sound sleep. After standing at her bedside and gazing lovingly for a while, he sighed and bent over to tuck her in. Before he stood up again, he couldn't help pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

While Edward did that, Daisy held her breath, wondering what he was going to do next. She lay there motionless like a statue, afraid to make any move. She knew what might be coming next.

"Going to keep pretending? You're not asleep, " Edward asked with a grin as he tore off his towel. Naked, he walked to the wardrobe and pulled on a pair of briefs. He did it so naturally that there was no trace of embarrassment on his face.

Daisy knew that she'd been found out. She didn't feel like doing anything, though. Without the slightest intention of talking to Edward, she bit her lip a bit and continued to pretend to be sleeping.

"I guess you're really asleep. So you won't mind all the dirty things we're going to do together." Edward returned to the bed and looked intensely at her, wondering how long she could keep this up. She was good, but not that good.

Hearing this, Daisy pulled the quilt up, covering herself more. This assured Edward that she had been pretending. 'This game's gone on long enough, ' he thought, and promptly threw himself on her.

"You asshole!" Daisy had no choice but to open her eyes, burning with anger.

"Well, I know you're mad, but I'm still not going to say sorry. So how do we settle this?" Edward lifted a lock of her hair and coiled it around his fingers playfully. He was enjoying this greatly.

"I don't care what you do. Just leave me alone. I need my beauty sleep." Her mouth was still thick with fatigue, and somewhat dry from actually sleeping. Daisy gnawed her lips with a straight face. At this moment, she seemed estranged and indifferent and didn't appreciate Edward's sprightly attitude.

"Okay then

She had been with Edward for so many years it would be impossible not to know. He wasn't sure at first -- she'd changed so much from the woman he once knew. When Daisy got into the car, Edward had noticed the mole on her neck and it had struck him that Jessica had a dark red mole on her arm and the woman in the picture seemed to have an identical one. To confirm his theory, he had to figure this out. No one knew why Jessica had changed her appearance. To protect his wife from potential danger, he had started an argument with her deliberately back when they were on the road just to make sure she wouldn't come along and get involved.

"Someone I don't know, so I couldn't care less." Daisy's interest was aroused, but she pretended she didn't care.

"No. It's someone you know." Edward was amused and ran a finger down her nose. He didn't want to upset her. Everything he did was to protect her. Before figuring out Jessica's agenda, he had to keep Daisy away from the matter. Although she was a powerful colonel, she was only a woman in his eyes, and it was his responsibility to protect her from danger.

"OK, I'll bite. Who was it?" Once again, Daisy was led by the nose. It was one of her weaknesses. Edward knew about it and was using it to ease the tension in the room.

"Honey, have you forgiven me?" Edward didn't answer her question. This was another reason he loved her. She was a sensible woman, simple and forgiving.

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