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   Chapter 864 Cuckold (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7550

Updated: 2019-01-09 02:28

"Are you for real? You are the one who asked us out and now you're saying that you will dump us here? This is not fair. We had been waiting for you here for almost an hour before you showed up!" Rain's voice went higher when he saw Edward leaving. This unfortunately caught Melissa's attention and made her realize that Rain was just inside the booth next to them. Heck! He was even sitting just behind her chair! She also noticed that Edward was there as well. The thought hit her hard. Her heart literally skipped a beat as her face went back to being colorless.

"Hey, leave him alone, alright? Can't you see that he is absent-minded all this time? I think he had a fight with his wife! You should just let him go. Let's hang out without him. He is just a party-pooper." Tom was a more cautious man than Rain. He had noticed Edward's odd behavior since the moment he sat with them. Edward was constantly checking on his wrist watch and fiddling his phone whenever he got a break between the dialogues. Tom could tell he was not at ease and his mind was apparently somewhere else!

"I have nothing else to talk about with you guys. My advice to you would be to just go home and rest! I think it is high time for you to find a nice lady to join your sad life! Being single is not fun!" On hearing his mocking words, Rain gave Edward a bitter smile. It sort of made sense that they should all just leave this place. There was no reason for him to hang out with Tom and stay there as he just came to accompany Edward. He should really take his advice, call it a day, and just go home. Besides, he had seen enough for today.

"I agree. Let's go. I need to head home and study some patient case before it is too late. We can walk out together." Tom nodded as he stood up. It would be pointless for him to stay here on his own.

Upon seeing the two stood up, Edward nodded to them swiftly and walked straight out. He didn't persuade them to stay there as it was obvious that they were no longer in a party mood. He paused for a while as he passed Shaun's booth. Then, as if nothing happened, he continued his steps and disappeared by the gate. Melissa was utterly shocked by his pause. Her heart was in her throat as the last thing she wanted was for him to tur

t was just fair for him to be outright upset. Daisy closed her eyes and swallowed the painful lump in her throat to keep her from crying.

She gave what happened earlier a good thought while she was on her way home. Deep down, She agreed with Edward's thought completely. She understood his point of view as she would hate to be treated coldly by him as well. If she was in his shoe, she would also go mad upon consistently being ignored by her partner. It was really important to give one's partner enough attention and care after all.

Her heart ached hard as she realised her wrongs. She felt like an idiot who had failed to run her marriage carefully. She should have given him more attention and made him feel loved and wanted. Her carelessness ruined the tender foundation of their love. Daisy couldn't believe what she did to him. 'I'm such a loser!' she thought.

She rubbed her sore nose and closed her eyes before he stepped out of the bathroom. She didn't know how to face him. She had nothing suitable to tell him for the time being. The cold war between them seemed necessary until she found a better solution. She would have a busy day tomorrow. She literally couldn't spend any effort on anything else. She felt sorry for Edward but she really had no energy to deal with him for now. With her eyes tightly closed, she bitterly thought to herself 'Tomorrow is another day. I will have a good talk with him. He might calm down by then and it will be easier for me to discuss our issue.'

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