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   Chapter 862 Cuckold (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7929

Updated: 2019-01-09 00:46

"Shaun, I heard that your company has already bought the department store stocks owned by FX International Group?" Melissa Xue leaned against Shaun with an excessively sweet smile. She casually tossed some loose hair behind her ear as she thought, 'You pushed me too far, Edward. Look what you made me do. You left me with no choice. I have to fight back and avenge for myself. I will make sure that you suffer what I have suffered. You are in my list too, Daisy. I will not spare you.'

"My darling. Don't you worry about it! I am at your service. I will definitely do my promise to you. I am so obsessed about you that I am willing to do anything for you!" With these earnest words, Shaun curled up his lips and touched her breasts swiftly. His vulgar gesture made her frown but she didn't push him away. She looked up and saw the obvious lust in his eyes.

"Hey, there are people around here." She flirtatiously snapped at him with a smile. Then, she threw him an inviting glance and giggled with her hand over her mouth. Like always, her tease successfully caught his attention. Shaun laughed and said, "Oh come on, I clearly remember how you behaved in the bed. I have to say, I enjoyed every second of it." She was such a sexy goddess and he was obsessed with her body. Whatever she said, he would obey. He was merely a humble servant in front of her.

"Shaun, stop it! Otherwise, I will head back to the room right now." Melissa pouted her lips and pretended to be annoyed. She behaved like a little girl who had just been told off. She was not acting her age at all.

"You are really full of surprises, aren't you? I think you just can't get enough of me. Baby, I know you can't wait to have me in the bed again. I must perform even better in order to satisfy you further!" Although Shaun graduated from Harvard University with merits, he was a typical playboy. He had been squandering his family's wealth at his will. Sex and alcohol were his all-time indulgence. He met Melissa by chance and ever since then, he had been fooling around with her and eventually was completely manipulated by her.

"Hey you! Quiet down! Heads are turning because of your voice. You should really stop talking bullshit here. People are judging me now!" Melissa quickly extended her hand and covered his babbling mouth. The only reason why she entertained Shaun was because she wa

. His steps were casual as if he was on holiday. Some might even say that the way he walked was dangerously charming.

Melissa's charming face froze the moment she saw Rain. She went pale as she was utterly shocked by his presence. It only took her some seconds to calm herself down though and decided to cover her awkwardness with sly giggles. She was aware that she was no longer the same woman she used to be! She was confident that she would absolutely get away with her new face. Her completely changed look would make it impossible for him to recognize her. However, she was slightly concerned that Edward might be there as well. The two men were known to hang around together publicly whenever and wherever. Edward was the one that Melissa found harder to deal with. The thought that her ex was there made her brain overwork. So what if Edward was really there as well? Was she in big trouble now? Melissa's face went dark as her smile turned from sweet to awkward.

Rain observed her look carefully and straight away noticed that she was nervous and scared. He stared at her and mentally laughed hard. 'This stupid woman! Where'd she get the guts to challenge FX International Group? However, now that she saw me here, she looks as if she saw a ghost! I wonder what would happen if Edward shows up here. Huh, would she faint on her seat?'

"Melissa, what's wrong? Your face looks pale. Are you feeling alright?" Shaun noticed that there was something wrong with the woman next to her. He was confused about Melissa's sudden change and couldn't take his eyes off her.

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