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   Chapter 861 Rose With Thorns (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5303

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"Who said that you don't need to go there on business if the company is functioning normally? I heard that the General Manager there is attached to you." Edward smiled wickedly as he thought, 'Ha! Rain, do you still want to fight against me? You are such an amateur.'

"Could you please don't say that? That person is annoying." Rain felt lousy the moment he remembered the General Manager. Though she was very beautiful, she kept pestering him so that he got really annoyed.

"This is you. You just want to have sex with any beautiful woman?" Tom rolled his eyes at him. Now it was only Rain who was an amorous person. The rest of them were all married and only loved their wife, of course except Tom.

"Damn Jerry, when did you see me have sex with any beautiful woman? Are you saying me not picky and choosy at all?" Rain's retort came out automatically. He hadn't flirted with women for a long time. It was so long that he almost forgot how long it was. It seemed that after Annie left, he did not play with any woman. And now that Annie's name crossed his mind, he couldn't help but feel depressed.

"Haven't you always been like this?" said Edward. He knitted his eyebrow. He might be there but he just couldn't get Daisy off his mind. Did she get so angry that she decided to go back to the army base instead? Was she very sad now? All these questions were just bothering him so much that his usual concern for her was suddenly magnified million times.

"That was the thing that happened before. Don't you think you have also been like that before? I can't believe these wor

ould be really scary to completely change someone's face.

"There is nothing strange in this big world. It is also possible that she did not change her face but just had a large-scale cosmetic surgery. It could be that or else, we would not feel this familiar with her." Edward flicked the desktop and tried to do a mental roll-call of all the women that were similar to Melissa. In the end, he found nothing.

"I suppose so, too." Tom looked at the man and woman and found them actually sitting next to them. Fortunately, the restaurant had set up the tables in a way that could give their customers privacy and avoid them from being disturbed while having meal. Each chair was designed with a high backrest. Thus, no one could know what the other customers were doing unless they really intended to. However, it couldn't filter sounds and one could still hear what the other group said if they said it louder.

"Melissa, come and see what you want to eat." Shaun handed the menu to Melissa. They were sitting close to each other and looked intimate.

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