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   Chapter 860 Rose With Thorns (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5533

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Her forehead was wrinkled with a frown. Was she too naive? Or did this mean that he could only tolerate her for a limited time? He had always forgiven her right after she apologized before. Why was he so angry this time? She admitted that she could often be excessively wrong. She might have ignored his feelings. But the truth was that she hurt herself more whenever she realized that her actions hurt him. And couldn't he feel that she did not intend to forget their appointment?

"So you've always seen me as such a shallow person? Get out of the car, " said Edward. He was just at odds with her at the beginning. However, his anger blew up after he heard her rants. How was he supposed to endure the fact that his woman just despised him!

"Are you sure? You want to let me get off the car?" Daisy was really shocked. She gently bit her lower lip as she looked at him in disbelief.

"I'm sure." He closed his eyes. Although they were deeply in love with each other all the time, he had always felt that something was missing between them.

"OK. Don't regret it." Daisy opened the door and got out of the car. She slammed the door with a bang and walked forward angrily. Mark and Luke who followed behind them were both confused about what they saw. What was wrong with them? Had they quarreled?

'You do not need to say it as I have already regretted it when I said that.' Edward sighed as he watched his wife. He could have simply backed down if not for the goddamn pride that ate him away. Thus, he just gave her one last stare, then he started the car and went away.

Daisy was so shocked by his determination to leave that she forgot the re

I feel that you are sulking today?" Rain frowned as he felt something strange with Edward.

"I asked you to come to meet Shaun Gao. I did not ask you to check if I'm angry." Edward gave him a peevish glance. Yes, he was sulking but there was no need for everyone to know about it.

"You really are angry. Unless I'm wrong, you must be angry with Daisy. It seems that fate can't be violated! Daisy is really my idol. Her courage is really commendable." Rain laughed heartily at his misfortune and did not notice how Mr. Mu stared at him with insidious eyes.

"It seems that you are really free these days, Rain. I guess you would not mind if I send you to Thailand." Edward took a deep look at him. In fact, the reason why he wanted to ask Rain to go to Thailand was just for Rain to try his luck. He had received news from someone that Annie had been seen in Thailand.

"Well! You always scare me with this. Can't you say to me something new? Do you think that I don't know the company in Thailand is running great recently?" Rain languidly leaned on the stool and gave him an evil rascal smile.

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