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   Chapter 859 Rose With Thorns (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6232

Updated: 2019-01-08 00:29

Life in the army was colorful in the eyes of outsiders. Only those who were once soldiers would know that it was as dull and tasteless as a corkboard. All they did in the army was to go on drills and attend some training. They did the very same things everyday. Therefore, in order to make great achievements in the army, one must be able to withstand such kind of depressing lifestyle.

In the eyes of the recruits, Colonel Ouyang was a gorgeous woman, while in the eyes of the veterans, Colonel Ouyang was a beautiful rose with thorns. They only dared to look at her from afar but never dared to get any closer. After all, her training for them was just horrible. It was the type of training that no one would even think of trying as it was made to push people beyond human limits.

The solemnity that was surrounding the Army Base was stronger as the last ray of sunset washed over the place. Edward could not help but look at his wristwatch to check the time. A slight frown formed on his handsome face. Didn't that woman say that she would only be a little late to come off work today? He had been waiting for almost an hour. But where was she? Did she forget that he would come to pick her up to have dinner?

Truth was, Mr. Mu was right. Daisy had not only forgotten his invitation but forgotten that he would come to pick up her. Therefore, when Daisy saw the dazzling Lamborghini outside the army base gate, the corners of her mouth twitched. She was sitting in a Military Humvee and was about to go home with Mark. Damn it! How could she possibly forget about Edward? Now she couldn't even imagine what was running inside Edward's mind. Was he going to get crazy or was he planning to strangle her neck? But then wait, didn't he usually make a phone call to her? Why didn't he urge her this time?

"Colonel, it's Mr. Mu's car, " said Mark. He turned ar

evident that it wouldn't be easy to talk with Edward today. Worse, he was way more stubborn right now.

"Well! I didn't mean that. You are equally important in my heart. Why do you even care about this? Justin is your son." Daisy looked at him carefully. Such Edward reminded her of the time when they were in K city. He was also frigid and heartless. Thus, she couldn't help but feel a little afraid of him.

"Daisy Ouyang, you should know that it doesn't matter whether I care about it or not. Rather, it is about if you have put me in your heart." The car screeched and stopped to the side of the road when Edward abruptly turned the steering wheel. His eyes were filled with disappointment when he looked at her. They had discussed this same topic so many times.

"Do you mean that I am totally wrong and you won't forgive me this time? I know that you will not always be so tolerant of me. I still cannot help but hope that you can tolerate me all the time. I can't even imagine that you mind such a petty thing. How can we live together for the next decades? How are you going to live with me? After all, a situation like today may happen in the future again. Are you going to be angry with me like today every time?" said Daisy.

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