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   Chapter 858 A Familiar Woman (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6141

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"What if I have nothing to my name someday? Would you be willing to keep me?" Although there was little chance that would ever happen, he still asked her, wanting to know her response. After all, nothing was completely certain.

"No! I will throw you out on the streets, " Daisy replied decisively, as if she wasn't joking.

"How dare you, Daisy Ouyang?" Edward's face went red. How could she classify him with those who lived on the streets? Wasn't she afraid he would get angry? He had to admit she was bold to say such words.

"Try me! Don't be such a drama queen. Tell me, when and where do you want to meet tonight? I can't make it if it's too early. I have work to do." If ever the day came when Edward had nothing left to his name, it would have no influence on her. She valued him as a person, not for his money. No matter what the situation was, she still considered him to be her true love. Her feelings for him would not change, whether he was rich or poor. That was real love.

"That's all right. I will pick you up from the army base. But keep in mind, I am not making a fuss out of nothing. I just want you to know so you can prepare for it mentally. That's all! Okay, you should focus on your work now, so you can earn money to keep us from becoming beggars someday. Goodbye!" Edward hung up the phone. A cunning smile still rested on his mouth. Before he could figure out the real purpose of Shaun Gao, he was not a hundred percent sure that the day would never come. So he had said those words to Daisy. He was curious about what she would do if the day really came. No matter what Daisy said just now, there was one thing Edward was certain about - Daisy would never abandon him.

Daisy leaned against the wall, pondering over what Edward had said. He didn't seem to be joking. Was there something wrong in the com

rofessional as possible, instructing all of them personally. She was a precise officer when it came to her job.

As a matter of fact, there were some soldiers in their base who had been selected to join the military parade in the capital city. She was not the in-charge appointed for them. Some other officer was assigned the task from their superiors. In the past few years, Kevin and her had always been assigned with the responsibility of training them for that parade. However, Daisy had been physically hurt this year, so the army base was considerate enough to give her a break. As for Kevin, he had gone for the training overseas. Both of them had spare time on their hands. That was the reason why Daisy had to attend to the new recruits.

As the sun went down in the west, a Lamborghini appeared at the army base. Clearly, it was Edward. Although his dear wife had told him she would be a little late, he could not wait. So he arrived in advance. He wanted to see her as soon as possible. Looking at the majestic door, Edward smiled brightly. A strong army meant a strong nation. He wished that his country would always remain peaceful. That way, people could live a content life without chaos surrounding them.

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