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   Chapter 857 A Familiar Woman (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6684

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"Yes, I see. Is there anything else? If no, I'll go and call them now."

Upon hearing that Leena was fine, Luke was much relieved too.

"Nothing else. You may leave now!" Edward picked up his phone and called Daisy. He tried ringing many times but nobody answered him. 'What is she doing? Is she busy with something?' Edward wondered.

He had guessed it right. Daisy was indeed quite busy at the time. The day after was the National Day, so she was involved in the preparations for the military parade that was to be held. Currently, she was correcting the soldiers' formation and figures on the training field.

"Get your tiptoes straight! Legs higher! Watch for your gun positions." Several sweat beads streamed down her back and face. Daisy did her job conscientiously. If they were skilled soldiers, they could do well without her instructions. But unfortunately, all of them were new recruits. What was more, the other battalion and company commanders were assigned with different tasks. She had no other option but to instruct them in person.

"Hey, you! Your hands are not in the right position. Look, I'll show you how to do it." Daisy walked to a soldier and took the rifle from him. She showed him the position in front of everyone.

All the new soldiers watched her demonstrate the positions carefully. They did not dare to be absent-minded even for a second, nor did they make any noises. They had heard the senior soldiers mention that Colonel Ouyang, though young and beautiful in appearance, was extremely strict during training. She strongly berated soldiers who performed a bad job or did not concentrate fully.

"All right. Now do it like I just showed you, " Daisy encouraged them. She handed over the rifle to the soldier and took a step back. She was such a figure of heroic spirit and pride in her green military uniform.

"Yes, Colonel, " The fresh recruits chorused. The loud reply echoed around the training field. It was nice to be young. Their voices reflected t

, Daisy was unable to see his sly smile through the phone.

"Edward Mu! Don't you try to fool me! I can see right through your pretense, " Daisy said, grinding her teeth. He was taking this for granted! If he were anybody else, she would have handled him with a bullet.

"Pretense? What am I pretending to be? Now you're just putting words into my mouth. Woman, as a Colonel, do not accuse an ordinary citizen falsely at your will." He smiled, teasing her. Edward leaned leisurely against the back of his chair. Daisy could not see him in person. Otherwise, she would be so mad to see how he was lying through his teeth.

"Wow! You? An ordinary citizen? Hah! You are a typical profiteer." Daisy snorted through her nose. Only a cheeky guy like him could claim to be an ordinary citizen. However, she was his wife and knew him well. In her eyes, he was an unfeeling industrialist.

"Fine, fine! I am a profiteer. But I won't be qualified to be one soon, " Edward said in frustration. As she heard him, she felt a bit worried. She did not understand why he was speaking like that.

"Edward, what do you mean? Has something happened?" Daisy asked hesitantly. After all, he did not interrupt her work usually. It was strange for him to call her and insist on inviting her to dinner when she was so busy. That was not his style.

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