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   Chapter 856 A Familiar Woman (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7144

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"Kompass Group, right? Good. In that case, it's time for me to do something. Don't blame me if I forget the friendship we shared once." A sly smile played around Edward's mouth. As a matter of fact, he got along with the former president of Kompass Group quite well. It was not an appropriate time for him to turn them into an enemy. But something unexpected happened: they had challenged him. In this situation, there was no need to act friendly toward them anymore.

"Mr. Mu, what should we do next?" The technician looked at Edward and asked. There were severe consequences for people who irritated the CEO, no matter who they were. They were going to be in a world of trouble.

"They are trying to buy the stocks of our departmental storeS, aren't they? We will let them buy on purpose. But remember to protect the main system of FX International Group well. Keep them from hacking it. Besides that, let us increase their workload. Decode the firewall in their information system. They will enjoy the feast brought upon by the virus. Finally, we will purchase their stock shares, " Edward stated. Edward was strong in the business field. He would not allow others to mount the high horse and look down upon him. He knew how to fight back in a decisive way and put pressure on his enemies. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Oh, no! He would ask more for redressal from them.

"Yes, we'll get started right away, " the technician replied firmly. One of the most fundamental requirements for a company to be successful was to equip the most advanced defense system. Many complicated and intricate firewalls had been installed to protect the data in FX International Group. If someone wanted to hack them, they were welcome to try! It was not even possible. The boss of FX International was Edward Mu. To let that happen, you would have to go through him first. However, things would be different if that 'someone' was a computer genius like Justin. But Justin would never do such thing as he was Edward's son.

"Yes. Let me know if something comes up." Edward left the technology department. He took out his phone and called

have dinner with me. It will be more interesting when they are around." Edward smiled coldly. Shaun Gao, a brilliant graduate from Harvard University? He did not think so. If Shaun Gao was such a smart guy, how could he choose to stay at Kate Hotel, his enemy's territory? Arrogance could kill a person.

"Yes. I'll inform them about it soon. But Mr. Leng seems to have gone abroad, " Luke inferred from the news he had heard earlier. His reply was hesitant. He was not sure whether or not Edward knew about it. As Mr. Leng's good friend and Leena's brother, he must know.

"Oh! Yes, you remind me! I almost forgot about it. Leena is ill. Duke flew over to Paris to take care of her. He will probably be back in two days." Edward ran a hand through his hair. How could he have forgotten such an important thing? Was Leena better now? She caught a cold earlier.

"Miss Leng is ill? Is she all right now?" Upon hearing that Leena was sick, Luke could not help but ask. After all, he had known Leena since she was a little child. He did not wish for her to be in any trouble.

"Oh! She must be much better now. Since Duke is not here, you can call Tom and Rain. They should be enough, I think." Edward sighed. Leena always had them worrying over her. Luckily, Paris was not so far away from here. Only half a day of flying could bring Duke there. Otherwise, they would have no idea what to do when something befell her.

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