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   Chapter 853 I Miss You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8340

Updated: 2019-01-08 00:18

"Mignonne, I made some meat porridge for you. Have some. I learned how to cook it from the internet." Gerard worried that Leena might get sick, so he came to see her early in the morning. He was right -- Leena really got sick after being soaked in the water yesterday. That was unfortunate.

"Thanks, Gerard. But I don't have any appetite now." When Leena woke up, she saw the private doctor Duke had sent there. Obviously Kevin had called Duke. She had thought to call them and tell them she was okay after she felt better. But she fell asleep again. She even didn't know when the doctor left. She didn't wake up until she heard the doorbell ring. When she looked through the peephole, she was surprised to see it was Gerard. As she was sick now and might need some help, she opened the door.

"Mignonne, you'd better eat something. This should help you recover more quickly, " Gerard said as he tried to lift Leena off the bed. But as soon as he reached out his hand, he was stopped by a sudden shout.

"Stop! What are you doing?" Duke appeared, suitcase in hand, looking weary after the long journey. He stared hard at Gerard as if he were a bad guy.

"Duke, you're here!" When Leena saw Duke, she was overjoyed. She didn't expect that she would see him so soon.

"How could I not be here? You're as sick as a dog!" Duke put down his suitcase and rushed towards Gerard, tackling him and pushing him away from the bed. Gerard fell in a heap. Duke then placed his palm on Leena's forehead. He felt relieved when he found that her fever was gone.

"I'm fine. I feel better after taking the injection and medicine." Leena grabbed his hand excitedly. It seemed that even though she was married, she was still as important in his heart as she was before.

"You have some nerve saying that. Why didn't you call the doctor in the first place?" Duke pinched her pale face with affection. Seeing that she was fine, he finally felt relieved. He had been worried all the way here.

"Mignonne, this is..." Gerard wasn't sure how to proceed. His face was also pale. Different from Leena's pale face, he was frightened by Duke's sudden appearance. He was wondering whether this man was Leena's husband. He got up carefully, making sure nothing was broken.

"Oh! He is my --" Duke cut her off.

"Hi! I'm Duke Leng, nice to meet you. Thanks for taking care of her for me." Before Leena could finish, Duke interrupted and introduced himself to Gerard in French. He didn't like Kevin, but he detest

love with someone else so soon.

"You're a jerk! How could I possibly be interested in him? Don't forget that I'm married. Even if I am still single, I wouldn't even think about Gerard. He's not my type now." Leena pursed her lips. She had thought that Gerard had already given up on her. But judging from what he said just now, it seemed that he didn't really give up completely.

"It's good that you remember that you're already married, Leena. It's true that I don't like Kevin, but I don't want my sister to be a woman who dates two men at the same time." No man would let his wife be intimate with another man. And he knew Kevin was no exception.

"Duke, I know how to handle it. I won't cross the line. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Probably better than anyone else." About Gerard, she admitted that she had loved him once, but that was before she met Kevin. So now, he was just a friend, and she had no special feelings for him.

"Okay, it's a good thing that you get it. I'll call Belinda to tell her everything is fine here." Duke didn't forget his promise to Belinda before he set out. So he took out his cellphone and dialed her number.

It was 3 in the afternoon there. So when Belinda received Duke's call, she was about to have a meeting. When she saw Duke's name on the screen, she smiled and connected the call.

"Hello! It's me, are you in Paris now? Is Leena okay?" Belinda was worried the whole day, but Duke hadn't called, so she had to be patient.

"Yeah. Her fever's gone, but she's still pretty weak. Probably needs a few days' rest. Don't worry, " Duke said in a gentle voice, very different from his usual cold tones.

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