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   Chapter 852 I Miss You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8338

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"Nothing, I just miss home all of a sudden." Leena sniffed. Her voice was husky. Her words didn't sound all that convincing to Kevin.

"Really? You're just homesick? Leena, don't lie to me, that doesn't sound like you." Kevin got out of bed and walked to the terrace. He wanted the cold breeze to wake him up more.

"I really just want to be home with --" Before Leena finished talking, the cough betrayed her and exposed her true condition. There was no hiding that she had a cold.

"You're sick. Is it serious? Have you taken anything for it?" He fired a battery of questions at her, with a look of worry on his handsome face.

"I'm okay, I will feel better after a good night's sleep." Hearing his worried voice, Leena felt warmer, and less sad in her heart.

"Weren't you alright this morning? Why did you suddenly get sick?" Kevin frowned. He was not with her so he didn't know whether it was serious or not.

"Because I got wet." Leena took some tissue to wipe her runny nose. She felt her body becoming hot and her head dizzy. She even didn't have any strength to speak now. The cold was trying to have its way with her.

"Wet? How?" From the rain? Or did you go for a swim?" Hearing her trailing voice, Kevin paced to and fro anxiously.

"No, I accidentally fell into the Seine. Nothing serious." Leena coughed. She didn't know how to lie, so she just frankly told him the truth.

"What? Are you alright? Have you seen the doctor?" Leena's words worried Kevin even more. He felt helpless. She was so far away, and he was unable to reach her, to hold her, and be with her. He was agitated like an ant in a hot pan. When he heard she fell into the river, he could imagine how frightened she was at the moment. His heart trembled at the thought. But he thought it had something to do with the fact that he felt guilty as well.

"Not yet. Kevin, I miss you. But I can barely keep my eyes open. I want to sleep. Talk to you when I get up, okay?" Leena became more dizzy, she couldn't think clearly now. Her hand which held the phone started drooping, as she was too weak to hold it to her ear.

"Leena, don't sleep now. Take some medicine before you nod off, okay? Leena..." Kevin constantly called her name, but he heard only silence in return. Although she didn't hang up, she didn't speak either. He listened carefully, and could hear loud breathing through a clogged nose.

Kevin had never felt so scared before. It was the first time that Leena had said she missed him.

s house anxiously. He wanted to call Duke to ask how things were going. But he felt it was not cool to call him again in such a short time. It would take time for Duke to find someone to check on Leena, so the only thing he could do now was wait.

He was absorbed deeply in his thoughts when he thought of what Leena said to him. She said she missed him. It was not difficult for him to figure out what she was trying to say. Probably she had unwittingly fallen in love with him. But the problem was how much love could he repay her with?

Time ticked by and there was still no word. Kevin now had the urge to call the commander to ask for a leave. But when thinking of the parade which would take place on National Day two days later, he had to give up on that idea. Fortunately, he received a text message from Duke, saying that he was at the international airport now, and he would take the earliest and fastest flight to Paris and asked him to wait for more news.

After reading the text, Kevin felt even more guilty. Leena was his wife, and the person who was supposed to save her should be Kevin, not her brother Duke. Unlike other common people who could leave as they wanted, he was a soldier and he must obey the rules. He couldn't do anything about it. But no matter what, Duke's message made him worry less. He also realized how much Duke cared for his only sister.

It was not the first time Duke ended up in Paris. He was very familiar with the city. And it was not very difficult for him to find Leena. He bought the house himself, the house which Leena was now living in. But to his surprise, he saw another man in the house when he arrived.

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