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   Chapter 850 Leena's Wet Adventure (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9347

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"I don't want them. I want you. None of them will do me any good. I want nothing to do with them, " said Louisa bitterly. Louisa filled a glass of wine, and drank it in one gulp. Suddenly she coughed violently.

"Louisa, are you alright? Don't rush, " said Kevin in concern. Kevin grabbed the bottle from Louisa and set it in front of him, for fear that she might get drunk. He hadn't realized that Louisa ordered wine until the waiter brought the bottle and put it on the table.

"Leave me alone. Let me get drunk, and I'll feel better, " said Louisa. She stretched out her hand, trying to grab the bottle, but was prevented by Kevin. She looked pathetically miserable now.

"So what good is it if you drink yourself to death? Will it change anything? Look, I'm grateful for how well you've treated me. And I'm flattered. But we can't have any other more intimate relationship. Get it?" said Kevin brusquely. If Louisa wasn't the daughter of the commander, Kevin would have turned his back and walked away rather than spend several hours trying to convince her.

"Kevin, did that woman seduce you? Otherwise, why would you marry her so suddenly?" From the first moment that Louisa was introduced to Kevin, she had regarded him as her future husband. She thought she owned him. Nevertheless, unexpectedly and surprisingly, another woman appeared and took Kevin away. It was a serious blow to her ego.

"Louisa, please watch your mouth. Don't speak that way about my wife, although you're allowed to judge me freely. She's the most innocent and uncomplicated girl I have ever met. Besides, I never promised you anything, or tried to impress you as a suitor or husband. I never intended to deceive you." Kevin started to get impatient. He had only met Louisa for several times, and it would be ridiculous if Louisa thought they had already fallen in love with each other. 'Why is she acting like she's been abandoned?' Kevin wondered.

"I felt drawn to you the first time I saw you. I have never given up on you for all those years. Don't I look innocent and uncomplicated to you?" While Kevin tried to defend his wife from unreasonable accusations, Louisa started to lose her temper, and things were spiraling out of control.

"People can't be forced to love or hate someone. Besides, I never tried to impress you or make you love me. So, don't pull that with me, " said Kevin indifferently. "It's not going to work. We can't be together. Just accept it." He shot a cold glance at Louisa who seemed hysterical. He wondered how the ever smart and sensible commander could bring up such a muddleheaded daughter.

"I know you never forced me in any way. But I thought you would stay unmarried for me, and when I came back, I would bare my heart to you. However, I was too late to do that,

and unreasonable actions and her careless remarks. He wasn't in the mood to explain anything further to her, since he had never showed her much affection in the past, and certainly wouldn't do so in the future. As a matter of fact, Louisa might have been a stranger to Kevin, if she weren't the daughter of his superior.

"Here we are. You can get out. I'm not gonna come inside with you, " said Kevin coldly. Kevin pulled over outside the gate of the residential community, which was totally different from the residential building in the army base, since some of those high-ranking military officers lived here. So, it was highly guarded.

"Kevin, I'm really sorry. I said that I would buy you dinner tonight, but I screwed up such a beautiful night. But I'll make up for that, " said Louisa apologetically. On the way home she was calculating everything. She thought about how she acted. Now she was calm mentally, and had realized that her behavior at the restaurant must have disgusted and annoyed Kevin.

"Don't bother. We're good. Bye. Have a nice night, " answered Kevin expressionlessly. He refused to spend another night having dinner with her. He would be out of his mind to do so.

"I got it. I really made a fool of myself tonight. I apologize if I offended you. I won't do that again, I promise. Please don't turn me down, " said Louisa sincerely but awkwardly. Louisa looked Kevin in the eye uneasily. He looked cold and menacing, which sent chills to her heart.

"Louisa, if you stop embarrassing yourself and start to treat me like a brother, maybe we can be friends. If not, we shouldn't see each other again, " said Kevin sincerely. At that moment, Kevin thought of Leena, her approachable personality and cuteness. She had never made trouble for him. Willful as she was sometimes, she wasn't an unreasonable and demanding girl.

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