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   Chapter 848 Not In The Cards For Us (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8430

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"Yeah. I was told that you were out. Back so soon?" Leena picked up her backpack and flung it over her back as she talked with Kevin on the phone. Then she opened the door and went outside. She looked stylish and pretty in a mint-colored pleated skirt. Her leather boots revealed her long, straight legs.

"Yeah. I was out for some time when you called. Sounds like you're going somewhere, " Kevin said casually as he heard the sound of her closing the door.

"Yeah. I've got a gentle breeze and clear skies. The weather is glorious and warm. I have half a mind to catch a boat. The Seine is gorgeous this time of year." Leena liked taking a leisurely boat ride on the quietly flowing river, just to organize her thoughts and to come up with some popular designs with her good nose for trends, and calm state of mind.

"You alone?" Kevin furrowed his brow. He hoped he could keep talking to Leena, and then he wouldn't have to worry about her.

"Uh huh. This is almost something I need to be alone for. That way I can think better." She liked to enjoy the elegant tranquility. Then she could feel a different kind of beauty. Leena didn't want others to disturb her, so she always rented an exclusive boat for sightseeing on the Seine.

"Mignonne, I knew you would go out today, so I have been waiting for you since early morning." Leaning against the door of the car, Gerard smiled brightly at Leena. She walked quickly over to the waiting figure.

"Gerard! Why are you here?" Surprised, Leena was thrown for a loop when Gerard greeted her in the parking lot. Unconsciously, she dropped back into conversational French, asking him what he was doing there.

"Leena, " Kevin said in a confused tone, "Who are you talking to?" He frowned and checked the name displayed on his phone screen. Leena was at the other end of the phone, but why did she suddenly switch to an incomprehensible language? Kevin was well versed in English, but he was out of his depth when it came to other foreign languages, so he didn't know what Leena said. Moreover, he was rather disturbed by the man's voice in the background.

"Um… Sorry. I saw someone I know. I have to go. I'll call you after I get back." Leena didn't expect Gerard to appear in the parking lot. She lost her head in the moment and didn't know how to explain Gerard to Kevin, so she hung up the phone before Kevin could say anything.

"Hello? Leena? Leena?" Kevin got a busy signal, his forehead knotting in a frown. Why did Leena hang up before he could say good

would cook him dinner, so he decided to go downstairs and let Lee know he had an appointment tonight.

"Major General, why are you downstairs? I made some tea. I would have brought it up to you." Lee, holding the tea tray in his hands, was surprised to see Kevin coming slowly down the stairs.

"Well, I need to go out tonight. So I guess you're on your own for dinner. Hand me the tray, please. I'll bring it up to the study. Get some rest." Kevin walked up to Lee and took the tea tray from his hands.

"Major General, do you need me to tag along? I can pour your tea for you, " Lee teased. He couldn't resist asking, although he knew that Kevin liked to act alone.

"No, I'll go by myself. It's not anything important. I'm just having dinner with someone. Well, I have to get back to work. Remember to remind me at 6 PM." After stating his piece, Kevin turned around and went upstairs. He looked more handsome in his crisp military uniform.

"Okay. I see." Lee glanced at his watch briefly, only to find that it would soon be 5 PM. It wouldn't be long before 6 PM rolled around.

Kevin arrived at the Mochan Restaurant at seven as agreed. He had changed his olive-green military uniform into casual clothes, which made him look even more charming.

"Over here!" Louisa waved at Kevin as he scanned the restaurant.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Kevin walked up to Louisa and took a seat. Louisa arrived first. As a cultured gentleman, he made an apology although he knew he wasn't late.

"It's okay. I just arrived myself. It's my honor to invite you to dinner." Louisa looked terrific tonight. In a full-length silky dress, she appeared to be less overbearing.

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