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   Chapter 847 Get Your Major General On The Phone (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7131

Updated: 2019-01-07 00:12

"Really? He is not there? Fine. I'll call him later! But never let me know if you are lying to me! Hmp!" Just then, Louisa hung the phone up without saying goodbye. She did not even bother to be polite just like how most kids from political families would do.

"Puff! Just look at how she spoke and behaved! What a crazy woman." Lee grimaced at the phone as if Louisa's face was on it. So what if she was the Commander's daughter? She did not earn the reputation by herself. Why was she so arrogant? Considering this, Lee felt much relieved. He put the phone back on the table and continued his mopping.

Based on the house interior design, it wasn't hard for Lee to tell that Leena liked finer things. Every decoration was delicate; it was like a mirror of her good taste. It made him curious about the lady's personality even more. He was at that state when the phone placed on the table suddenly rang again, thus, giving him a scare. He hesitated if he should answer it. What if another crazy woman like the commander's daughter was calling? He was really bad at dealing with these arrogant misses but then he could not just let the phone keep ringing. He had no options but to pick it up and answer the call. However, to his surprise, a cute voice greeted him even before he said something.

"Hi! Good morning, Kevin!"

Leena was refreshed from head to foot and even her voice sounded delightful and pleasant.

"Hello! Major General is not here now. He left his phone when he went out. You can call him again later." It was another woman. But was there something wrong with her brain? Why did she say good morning when it was high in the afternoon? Lee was confused. Where on earth did all these strange women come from?

"Oh! He is not there? I see. I'm sorry, I thought he answered the phone so I did not think twice before I said something. Don't feel strange, please."

Leena stuck out her tongue awkwardly. Screwed! She said good morning to a stranger. Hopefully, he would not think her as a weird person. After all, it was already in the afternoon there. Good morning would be extremely weird.

"It's alright. You

"What? Leena called me? What did she say?" Kevin ignored the other woman as all he cared about was his little wife. He walked to the table and took his phone.

"She said she called you to inform you of her safety and nothing emergent. And she would call you later." Now that the Major General did not ask him about Miss Ye, Lee also ignored her and did not take her message to Kevin. Anyway, Kevin already knew that she called him. Whether Major General would call her back or not was not his business anymore.

"Em! I see. I'm calling her back now." Kevin dialed Leena's number while speaking. He couldn't help but smile in delight just by knowing that Leena called.

"Hello! This is Leena!" Leena was about to go out when her phone suddenly rang. She checked the number and found out it was from Kevin's phone but she was not sure whether it was Kevin calling or his subordinate. Thus, she answered in a polite voice this time to avoid the awkward situation from happening again. After all, she just made the mistake a few minutes ago.

"Hey, it's me. Have you got up?" Kevin never marked his contact list with full names. He only marked them with the first letter of their names as abbreviations. This way, if he lost his phone someday somewhere, he could avoid the risk of his contacts' details being leaked. That was also the reason why Lee failed to recognize Louisa and Leena when he answered the phone.

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