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   Chapter 846 Get Your Major General On The Phone (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6777

Updated: 2019-01-07 00:02

An empty laugh came out of his chest. He really had no idea how it felt to marry a rich woman who was financially independent. Did he appear as he married her to step up the social ladder? He was lucky that his original family was financially well then.

It took Lee more than one hour to arrive at Kevin's apartment. He rang the bell to inform Kevin of his arrival. He was undeniably shocked at the sight of his Major General when the door opened though. Their heroic team head was wearing an apron while holding a kitchen knife in his hand. He never saw such things happened in his Army house, thus he suddenly asked himself if it was already the end of the world! What was wrong with his Major General?

"Stop being idle. Come in. The dishes will be ready soon. Help me clean the house after you eat." Kevin walked quickly to the kitchen as soon as he let Lee in and finished his words. He did not have time to care about Lee's astonished expression. The dish on the stove was about to be over-cooked!

It was the first time for Lee to step into this house after Kevin got married. He was afraid that he might meet the hostess, so he was a little over-cautious as he looked around. He had never talked to Leena and had merely seen her from a long distance once.

"What are you waiting for? Go and get the bowls." He was still stagnant as Kevin took what he cooked from the stove. A slight frown formed on Kevin's face as he saw Lee was still in shock and did nothing.

"Major General, is your wife not home?" Lee finally found the strength to move and follow Kevin around the kitchen.

"No. She's in Paris. She has a dissertation to deal with. I wouldn't have called you here if she were home, " Kevin replied. He did not need to take care of everything at home when Leena was around. She would usually arrange everything for their house on set. It was something he never got to think of until she was not home. Now he realized that it was not an easy job to run a family. It needed the devotion to make a home.


o take his phone. I really don't know where he is now." Lee kept patient and explained to her. He should be polite because he did not know who she was after all. The fact that she called his major general's private phone made him think that she probably was his family or friend. Being rude would not be the best route for him if that was the case.

"Let me tell you this, I am your Commander's daughter. There will be consequences if you dare to lie to me." In order to get what she wanted, Louisa even mentioned her father to threaten Lee. Her beautiful face was distorted with a deep grimace.

"What? You are the daughter of the Commander?" Lee screamed in surprise as he secretly complained about her not being just a simple woman. No wonder that her name sounded familiar. But Major General was really not here. Where could he find him in such a short time?

"Yes, I am. So give the phone to him now. I need to speak to him." Louisa sneered complacently. She always felt superior whenever she spoke with any soldiers. She was in the first place, their boss' daughter.

"Miss Ye, Major General is really not here. I swear! What about this? I will tell him you have called once he's back and asks him to call you back." Lee became more respectful after hearing Louisa confirmed who she was, but her arrogant tone made him least comfortable.

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