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   Chapter 845 Get Your Major General On The Phone (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6477

Updated: 2019-01-06 00:51

However, Leena would never know the real reason why Gerard accepted her suggestion of being friends. He just agreed to stay close to her. It was his tactic to have her put her guards down against him. He still wanted to be her boyfriend and renew their relationship. There was no other way but to compromise with her or else, she would keep herself away. That was the last thing he'd expected. However, she had never imagined that it was the friendship suggestion that would bring a lot of soul-stirring incidents and loads of unwelcome surprises to her in the future.

Soon as they finished their dinner, Leena went back home and took a comfortable warm bath to relax. She still got work to do, thus, she proceeded to continue her design draft after. She was adjusting the colors and making some minor modifications. Her design theme for this season was basically pastoral style. She added some fashion elements from the West as well as some domestic ones to mute the impact a little. In this way, her design would not be too much for ordinary people's taste and would attract more people from all over the world.

She made a cup of lemonade to enjoy. Oh, woman! A woman would always like to care for herself from small aspects. She was not an exception. She always paid attention to her body to keep herself in good shape. She found that it was already eleven in the evening when she took a glimpse at her watch. It would be six in the morning in her home country and Kevin usually got up at this time. She wondered if he'd already come back from his mission. She did her dissertation smoothly and probably would come back home in a month. She hoped for their relationship to be improved by then!

She picked up her phone to browse at his pictures and a shy smile spread through her beautiful face. She stayed silent as she ran her fingertips on his handsome face on the screen. She felt as if she was getting drunk just by looking at

o easy to sort all of them out. Kevin wondered how she usually managed her stuff at home. Suddenly, he wanted to hear more about her ideas and methods when faced with all the chaos. He wanted to know why she would like to spend her precious time engaging with households. She was a young girl who should be fond of things outside the family after all. He was aware that young girls did not have enough patience to deal with these things since he had a younger sister. She was too lazy even to clean her own bedroom and that lass was even two years older than Leena!

He was arranging his wife's pieces of jewelry inside the drawer when he noticed his card lying silently in one corner. He was a little bit surprised and easily sensed that she had never used his money since they got married. The realization made him so frustrated that he ended up sitting on a nearby chair. He was suddenly absent-minded as he stared at the card on his hand.

Leena was never lack of money. That was one thing he was aware of since she was the daughter of Leng Group. But as a man, he still hoped that his wife would spend the money he earned. It had nothing to do with the so-called male chauvinism. It was just that it would have made him feel more like her husband if she had at least used his money.

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