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   Chapter 844 Let Leena Go (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8026

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Her activity for today was for her Spring Collection. She wanted to get some inspirations from the beautiful countryside scenes, thus, she prepared a long list of places to visit. Her itinerary included the lavender fields in Provence, the vast golden sunflowers, the lonely canyons and the deserted castles. All were objects of her observation today.

Soon enough and Leena found herself indulging with the landscapes of Paris' countryside. There were even times when she would just stop her car and took pictures of blooming flowers. Sometimes, she would sit down, take out her drawing board, then begin sketching views. Gerard was like a quiet companion who spent his time looking at her. He would give her some water or biscuits from time to time but never had he made any sound that could disturb Leena's thoughts. It made Leena a little uncomfortable but at the same time impressed by how considerate he was today. She never experienced that from him before. It seemed that Gerard was not as worthless as she first thought. However, they had already lost each other. If only Gerard had known how to cherish her from the very beginning, they would not have parted.

"Mignonne, would you mind having a candlelit dinner with me tonight?" Gerard did not waste any time and asked her out with a pleading voice. She ended her whole day's work as soon as the sun set and its afterglow spread across colorful Provence. Her satisfied smile gave him the cue to approach her. She looked more relaxd now.

"Hmmm. Dinner is okay, but there is no need for candles". Although it was not like her to agree, Leena still wanted to thank Gerard for helping and taking care of her the whole day. Having an ordinary dinner with Gerard might not give him much hope, right? Leena thought to herself.

"Well, as long as you can have a dinner with me, everything is fine." The French guy was pleased with Leena's unexpected nod. He was so happy that he almost jumped to his feet as a brilliant smile made its way to his handsome face.

"Okay. Let's go. We can go back to Paris first." Leena found his bright smile infectious and wasn't able to stop herself from smiling back. She got on her car without hesitation and started driving back to Paris. On the other hand, Gerard hadn't recovered from his surprise yet and just noticed her car already left after it drove a good distance. He ended up rushing to get into

love her forever. He must have suddenly realized her worth after having been together with other people for a long time. He might just give up her again once he found another beautiful woman. He already did it before! Fast-Food love game wasn't her kind of stuff.

"I know, Mignonne. I hope we could be friends." Gerard reached out and offered Leena a handshake. His eyes were filled with sadness. He understood that it was his past behaviors that made Leena lose her trust on all his efforts. It was the conviction in her eyes that made him give up. Letting go was another kind of love. Gerard would be fine as long as Leena was happy.

"Thank you for understanding. You're welcome to the S city whenever you are convenient. We will warmly receive you." Leena said, giving more emphasis to the word "we". She would like to stress that she would do what she said together with Kevin. Honestly, she did not think that Gerard could think through her friendship-offer quickly. He exceeded her expectations and it made her feel relieved.

"I will certainly go to see you in S city. To our friendship." Gerard raised his glass and toasted to Leena. The crisp sound of bumping glasses indicated a new relationship between them. They would only be friends from that second on. Gerard reminded himself that there were more hopes in the world than regrets.

The night scene of Paris seemed to be more gorgeous because of that new relationship. It was only then that Leena felt herself fully relaxed. After all, she managed to solve a sticky situation and gained a friend from it. She was really happy.

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