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   Chapter 843 Let Leena Go (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7836

Updated: 2019-01-06 00:51

"I didn't notice that at all. Anyway, forget her. When will auntie Leena be back? I haven't seen her for a long time." People were all like that. They saw each other as enemies whenever they were together yet missed each other's presence too when separated for a long time. It was obvious how much Justin had terribly missed Leena since the last time he met her.

"It is hard to say. It all depends on when she can complete her graduation thesis. She could come back after that. How about you? Did you go to see Mr. Ouyang today? Why did you come back so early?" Edward had seen the picture that Leena sent to him. Just as what he had thought, Leena chose a house in a quiet block to work on her designs.

"We talked just for a while. I clearly said what I wanted to say. There was nothing else special. So, I came back. Daddy, do you think I should have had a dinner with him before coming back?" Little Justin suddenly felt sad as soon as he spoke about his grandfather. It was not because that he did not want to have dinner with Leo. He was just not in a good mood to eat with him. He did not know what he had done was right or wrong. Thus, he tried to clarify it with Edward when he asked.

"Son, just as what I have said before, your mommy and I will never force you to do anything. Follow your heart and do what pleases you. I believe you can make it." Edward turned his head to Justin and smiled. He didn't care much about what Justin had said to Leo and neither did he intend to ask him about it. He believed that his son could handle that situation very well. Justin had his own set of rules when it came to dealing with people.

"Okay. Thanks, dad. Will mommy come back early today?" His parents always worked overtime on weekends. He hadn't seen other people like his parents who deeply enjoyed working.

"You can give your mommy a call and ask her directly, dear." Edward also wanted to know whether Daisy could come back early today. He handed his cell phone to Justin and hoped his son could get a good answer. It might be because National Day was approaching that Daisy had been extremely busy recently, working overtime almost every day. He felt his heart mildly ached upon remembering his gorgeous wife.

"Hmmm. I'd better not call mommy now. Mommy is always busy before the National Day every year. I don't want to both

al door opened. She was about to step out when her jaw was suddenly ajar in disbelief. To her full surprise, Gerard was standing outside again as he caught for breaths. His handsome face was sweaty as he had run down the stairs.

"Gerard..." She opened her mouth multiple times but could not think of any word to express her helplessness. In the end, she decided to pretend not to see him and went to the parking lot. It would be hard to accuse him of following her since that was a public place. Best she could do was to act like he wasn't there.

"Mignonne, I will be with you today! Please, give me a chance to go with you. At least, you don't need to worry about safety problems with me around." Unlike most Frenchmen, Gerard did not have strong and deep-rooted self-esteem. He didn't care much about Leena's actions and remained with his thinking.

"It's up to you. But please don't disturb my work." Leena kept a cold face as she got on her sport car. She did not even give Gerard a glance. Compared to who she was when they were still together, Leena had changed a lot. In Gerard's memory, Leena was a very lovely young lady who always had a sweet smile on her face. For a moment, Gerard doubted that he found the wrong person. How could she change so much? Nevertheless, he was still in a hurry when he got into his car and drove fast to cope with her.

Automatically, Leena's elegant eyebrows furrowed as soon as she saw Gerard's car through the rearview mirror. She stepped hard on the gas and sped up the car as fast and as safely as she could.

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