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   Chapter 842 Let Leena Go (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7797

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"Not all mistakes can be resolved by apologies. It was fortunate that it did not lead to a disaster. I will not pursue your responsibility. I just hope for you to learn from this. You can go now." Edward did not want to frighten the young man. He was only a big kid after all. Edward might have let him pass but that did not mean that the kid would be consistently lucky to meet tolerant people like him. The young man needed some lessons, or he would never know what he'd done wrong.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu. I will behave well in the future and I will not be arrogant and domineering any longer." The young man bowed to Edward and thanked him. His face was filled with joy as relief flooded his system. It was unexpected for him to be safe after what he had done.

"Boy, you should behave well. Do not abuse your family's wealth to do something bad. Have you ever heard of this old saying? There is always someone stronger than a seemingly strong person and there's no limit if you look up. So, just play it safe, cover your ass, keep your head down and go away!" Rain waved his hands with an annoyed look on his face. He couldn't believe how such a type of people ruined the beauty of the world. He also hoped for the young man to learn his lessons from today.

"Yes, yes. I'll be making it sure to change my attitude and behave well." The young man staggered to his car. Nobody knew if the guy really meant it when he said he would change. Nevertheless, it was nice to see his driving speed went standardized after the encounter.

"Alas! Look at the young man. Nowadays, I really do not know what these new generations are thinking." Rain curled his upper lip unconvinced.

"Hello, beautiful sister! Are you scolding me too?" Michelle cocked her head, narrowed her eyes, then stared at Rain. She stared at the dazzling purple earring on one of Rain's ears. She was extremely curious about where he bought that bling-bling. How could she never have seen such a shining earring before?

"It depends on whether you have hearts for progress or not. By the way, don't call me beautiful sister again. I would smash your little face if you irritate me. You can try if you don't believe." He clenched his teeth and raised her chin frivolously. An evil smile was on his face as he looked down the lady.

"What? Are you serious? Threat

ichelle's attitude too.

"Thank you, everyone. Goodbye!" Michelle waved her hand to everyone and left. The lively scene soon became quiet.

"Let's go too!" Edward said to Rain and Luke. They could have been home if the accident had not happened! The three stylish guys got on their own cars and drove away. Of course, little Justin was together with his dad.

"Daddy, how did you get to know the auntie from earlier?" The boy asked Edward once they got on the car. He was so curious about Michelle and her family. His mother was a colonel and his father was a businessman. He couldn't remember them in relations with anyone from the underworld. How could they know Michelle? Why was Michelle so beautiful that she did not look like a Mafia? Why did his father smile at her? Little Justin had so many questions in mind but decided to start from the simplest.

"Oh, yes. You are asking about Michelle? We met her by accident before. Is she a very interesting little girl?" Edward started the car and drove slowly.

"She is not my type. She is same with auntie Leena. They both have beautiful outsides and dark insides!" Little Justin still remembered what that lady did to his shabby face. He touched his cheek to test if it still hurt. Huh! What a lovely little boy?

"She is okay! Don't you find Michelle stupider than your auntie Leena?" Edward smiled. He couldn't help but recall how they first met Michelle. What a spectacular scene it was! He did not know why his son thought of her as someone evil. For Edward, she was just a tricky lady.

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