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   Chapter 840 Almost Had A Car Accident (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8082

Updated: 2019-01-06 00:12

"Little boy, don't you think I am a pretty and charming girl? They are chasing after me because they fell in love with me at first sight." Michelle smiled with pride of a peacock. Obviously, she was rather confident in her beauty.

"Uh, I don't think you are as beautiful as my mom." Justin pressed himself against the door in an attempt to keep away from the woman. Of course, his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world for him. Basing it from the woman's words and behavior, it was confirmed that she and Leena were really each other's doppelgangers. Thus, Justin couldn't help but stay away from her.

"Hah! I don't think it's fair to compare me with your mom." Michelle felt a little awkward about the young boy's reaction. She pondered hard on how to retort Justin and save herself from embarrassment. It took her a while to figure out something. It was a split second before she felt the car suddenly pulled over.

"Get off the car! They are gone." Luke demanded in a chilly voice. Even though Michelle had rescued him from a danger a couple of times, he still held a cold manner towards her.

"Eh! It's you, Luke! Who is this little boy? Is he your son?" It was only then that Michelle recognized who the driver was. And more to her surprise, Luke had a son! Was he married to a woman already? She felt her breath hitched. That realization felt like a blade that stabbed her chest and pierced her heart.

"Uncle Luke, do you know her?" Justin looked back and forth between Luke and Michelle. There must be something wrong between them.



Duke's and Michelle's answers came in a chorus, which made Justin even more confused.

"What? How dare you say you don't know me? Have you forgotten that I was your savior?" It vexed Michelle to see Luke pretend not to know her. He had always ignored her like she was invisible.

"Get off the car, now!" Luke demanded again as he ignored her angry face.

"No! I don't have any money now. I don't want to walk back. Luke, could you drive me back home, please?" Damn it! She swore she would find out who had stolen her wallet and cell phone, and beat him to a pulp. How dare that thief steal from her? She was the daughter of the Dragon Faction's leader! She had ordered so many delicious dishes but found her wallet and phone gone after she ate. She had no other option but to run. That was the reason why she was chased by many people

er appreciate the lady Colonel even more.

"What? You know my mom?" Justin shouted as he looked at Michelle up and down. She was wearing a midriff-top and super short-shorts. She definitely looked like a bad girl, so Justin couldn't help but wonder how his mom was even related to her.

"Yes, I do. I also know your dad. Well, your dad treats me well, unlike somebody." Michelle peeked sideways at Luke with a disdainful expression.

"Auntie, why don't you have dinner with us later?" Justin believed that all of his mom's friends were good people. Thus, he invited Michelle to have dinner with them together.

"I'm good. I'm so sweaty, and I want to take a bath first. Thank you though." Michelle was willing to have dinner with Edward and Daisy but she looked terrible at this moment. It would be a shame to meet them in her attire.

"Justin, you should not get too close to a stranger unless you know him or her well. What if he or she is a bad person? One should always guard against the harm others might do to him." Luke was hinting that Michelle was not a good person.

"Damn it! What do you mean by that? Are you saying I'm a bad girl?" Michelle cast a stern glance at Luke as if she was going to take him by the throat.

"Why are you pissed off if you're not?" Luke answered indifferently. His attitude infuriated Michelle. If he was not driving at this moment, she swore she would beat him to death.

"Fuck you! Are you blind? I'm not pissed off!" If you live with a lame person you will learn to limp. Michelle had always been around men. As a result, she got used to the bad language.

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