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   Chapter 839 Come To Grandpa (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7217

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"Just because my mommy doesn't hate you doesn't mean she has forgiven you. You can't make up for my mommy's misery with an apology. You can't make it go away with your remorse either. If you really want to get her forgiveness, you'd better start with learning about what she went through in the past."

The child sneered. This was the real reason why he had agreed to meet Leo. Justin wanted to let him know his mother's every struggle in the past because of him.

"I know. It's all my fault. So I'll keep trying to earn her forgiveness." Justin's sharp tone was way beyond his age that Leo couldn't regard him as a child anymore. Suddenly, he realized why Edward had let Justin come alone. The child simply thought like an adult and certainly didn't need another adult's company.

"It will be difficult. My mommy doesn't hate people easily. However, once she does, it will be forever. Plus, I'll always be on my mommy's side. I'm sorry. I think we shouldn't see each other again. I don't want to upset my mommy." Justin had gone through everything with Daisy so he totally understood why his mom did that.

"Justin, I understand that it won't be easy for you to forgive me. But I have gotten my punishment and I am old. Can't you help me to change your mom's mind?" Leo begged, regardless of his pride in a way that made it hard to even see his former glory. Right now, he was merely a miserable old man hoping for forgiveness.

"If you knew how my mommy had survived these years, you wouldn't have asked me that. Do you know what it was like to deliver a baby alone without a single soul at her side? Do you know what it was like when my mommy got hurt and had to swallow the pain silently alone? Can you imagine how afraid my mommy was when she was close to death? No. I don't think so. None of you understands how her life had been. So, when you see how successful she is right now, try to imagine how hard she has worked for it."

Tears streamed down Justin's cheeks. He had said the same thing to Edward before but the mere mention of it could still leave him overwhelmed with sadness.

"I'm so sorry. I really didn't know anything about all thi

woman being chased. Shall we let her in?" Justin was startled.

"Ignore her. Let's go." Luke wanted to stay away from trouble mainly because Justin was in the car. He was the apple of Edward's eye. He must protect him. That was his mindset until he looked outside and saw the pretty woman's face. Everything just came to his surprise when his body moved to unlock the car doors immediately.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!" Michelle said as she got in the car, without seeing clearly the face of the person who had saved her life. Luke started the car as soon as she hopped in and bolted out of that place even before the men could catch up.

"That's nothing. Don't mention it, " Justin said politely as he gazed at Michelle. Luke was driving the car silently with his eyes fixed on the rear-view mirror, viewing those ranting men they had left behind.

"Hello, little guy. You're cute." Michelle lightly pinched Justin's cheek. She was sweat-drenched from running that the cold wind from the air-conditioner sent her slight shivers.

"Thank you. By the way, why are those men chasing you?" Justin rubbed his face which was hurting from the pinch. Instantly he classified this innocent-looking woman into the same type as Leena. They were both sweet and beautiful on the outside but evil on the inside. He regretted that he had let Luke save her. She might have done something wrong to those men, which was why she was chased.

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