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   Chapter 838 Come To Grandpa (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7374

Updated: 2019-01-05 03:06

"Whatever you say, Mignonne, I won't believe you unless I see the man you've been talking about in person. Otherwise, I'll do everything to win you back." The truth was too harsh for Gerard to believe. Leena had liked him so much that it had devastated her when he broke up with her. How could she possibly have married someone else within a matter of months? She must have made it up to make him give up willingly. However, Gerard had lost her once and had decided not to make the same mistake again.

"I'm sorry, Gerard. Believe it or not, you and I are over. We will never be a couple again. Honestly, I should thank you for breaking up with me. I have found the one and learned what true love feels like. I am not the ignorant teenage girl chasing meaningless things anymore." Leena laughed. She wouldn't go back to someone who had dumped her even if Kevin hadn't come into her life.

"That's impossible. You always loved me. I could feel it." Gerard shook his head. Leena's eyes were always affectionate when she looked at him. She might have acted indifferent to him but then her eyes wouldn't lie.

"You knew I loved you, so you thought I couldn't live without you and treated my feelings like dirt." Leena frowned with disgust. Worst was the best word she could think of when it came to Gerard. She hated his kind to the core, those who took others' love for granted, exploited it, and still thought that the other person's love would never fade no matter what they did. It was fortunate that no one could just keep on giving love that selflessly. People who had their hearts broken left. And once these loving people were gone, expect them to be gone forever. It was too bad that Gerard didn't see that.

"I am sorry for that. I really need you. Please come back to me." Not having seen Leena for months made him miss her a lot. He hadn't been able to find her since she had come back to her country.

"Gerard, I vowed to be faithful to my husband on our wedding day. I'll keep my words. I won't come back to you. There will be someone for you, but it won't be me." Much as Leena was young, she was maturer than her peers. She knew what she wanted.

"You are the one for me, Mignonne. Otherw

ble smile took over it as soon as he met his grandchild.

"Mister, why did you want to see me?" Justin seemed well-behaved and innocent before Leo.

"Because your mom is my daughter which makes you my grandson." The old man didn't know how to answer the question. The images of Daisy after she had been forced out of the house suddenly flashed back in his head. Whether she was in a dress or in military uniform, knowing that she was doing great even without his protection made him feel relieved each time he saw her.

"But I remember you saying that your daughter isn't my mommy but someone named Mary. Don't you remember?" A menacing smile showed on Justin's face. He could pity Leo but this old man had broken his mom's heart. He wouldn't forget that.

"I remember. I was confused and made a terrible mistake. I treated my own daughter like an enemy. I can see that you hate me. I have brought it on myself. I didn't protect your mom and made her life miserable." Leo's face was full of remorse and regrets.

"No, I don't hate you. My mommy says that hate consumes time and energy, so she hardly hates anyone." Justin often started his sentence with 'my mommy says'. He wanted to make a point that he was a good boy and it was all thanks to Daisy.

"So you are saying that your mom doesn't hate me? Then why doesn't she see me?" Justin's words made Leo feel worse about himself. How could he have been so heartless to such a sensible woman, his own child.

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