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   Chapter 837 We Are A Couple (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6718

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"Okay. Be safe and take care of yourself. Remember to check that it's someone you know before opening the door. Bye!" Kevin was worried about her, but like she said, she had been living there for a few years. She knew very well the security measures she had to take there.

"Yeah. I know. Don't worry about it." Leena ended the call. She was about to open the door promptly, but thinking over the words Kevin just said, she decided to check through the door camera first to see if she knew the person who rang the bell. When she saw the handsome guy on the screen, she couldn't help but frown. Why was he here? They had already made the unanimous decision to break up, hadn't they?

After drawing a deep breath, Leena opened the door. Even though they weren't lovers anymore, there was no need for bad blood between them, right?

"Gerard, what a surprise." Leena said. She was fluent in French. She was seeing him a few months after their break-up. Clearly, she didn't feel the same way she used to feel when the two of them were dating.

"Hello! Mignonne*, we finally meet again." Gerard's arms were wide open, wanting a passionate hug from Leena. However, Leena subtly dodged his hug. Even though she knew it was just a friendly gesture in this country, she couldn't just forget her new identity. She was Kevin's wife now, how could she hug her ex?

(*TN: Gerard called her Mignonne.)

"Why are you here?" Leena's face showed no emotions at all. She obviously wasn't surprised or excited to see him again. On the contrary, she felt kind of annoyed at him for disturbing the phone call with her husband. The look on her face contrasted strongly to the excited one on Gerard's.

"Can I come in first?" Gerard could sense Leena's cold attitude toward him, but he really wanted her back. He decided to forego the awkwardness and asked her to let him in.

"Alright, you can come in." Leena moved aside to let him in. She wasn't too worried about what he might do once he was inside her house.


ok at it. When he found that there was nothing on her ring finger, he secretly sighed in relief. Of course she was lying. How could she get married so soon? That was impossible!

"Stop being unreasonable! Why would I joke about something like that? I don't need to lie to you, okay? That won't do me any good at all." Leena abruptly shook off his hand. She knew exactly what he was looking for. He wanted to see if she had a ring on her finger or not.

"Fine. If you want to insist that you are married, then tell me, where is your wedding ring?" Gerard didn't believe her words. He thought it was just an excuse for her since she was still hurt by their break-up. Gerard stared at her intensely. Under his watchful eyes, he believed she could not lie to him.

"Gerard, you should know that my country is different from yours. Married women in my country don't have to wear a wedding ring to prove that they are married. Besides, why are you so confident that I don't have a wedding ring? Maybe I'm just afraid that I will lose it because I'm always so careless. That's why I'm not wearing it right now." There was no real conviction in Leena's voice as she said these words. Truth be told, she and Kevin didn't even bother to buy a wedding ring when they got married. She just hoped that Gerard believed her and didn't catch her lie.

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