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   Chapter 836 We Are A Couple (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7256

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He suddenly remembered that he hadn't sent the pictures to Leena. He quickly ran over to his study to turn on the computer. Connecting his phone to the computer, he sent all the photos he had taken today to Leena, writing to her that he was fine so she didn't have to worry anymore. He walked back downstairs to finish his dinner.

Leena had stayed home all day today. Once she received the e-mail that Kevin sent her, she opened it immediately and looked through every photo. She was extremely careful, since she knew it must have taken Kevin a long time to capture these photographs. She had to treat them with respect. At first, she had thought about letting Kevin make the decision, but then she worried that maybe it would make Kevin unhappy. It was a house gifted to her by her brother. Edward and Kevin didn't get along very well. She was afraid that Kevin would think that Edward had chosen a house as their wedding gift because he didn't think Kevin was able to give her what she wanted by himself.

It took Leena more than half an hour to finally decide on a house she liked the most. She sent the pictures of the house directly to Edward, so that Kevin didn't have to spend more time on this. She also needed to give Kevin a phone call and tell him that she had already made the decision, in case he thought that she didn't receive his e-mail.

Because he wasn't at the army base this afternoon, Kevin had taken all the documents he needed to read at home. When his phone rang, he was sitting at the computer and typing. He picked up the phone, which was lying on the table in front of him. He was startled to see Leena's name on the screen. It was quite a surprise. He did not expect that she would see his e-mail and call him back so quickly.

"Leena, have you made your choice? Which one do you want?" Kevin stopped what he was doing to answer the call. He himself didn't realize that he was smiling affectionately as he asked her the question.

"Yeah, I have. And I have already sent the photos to Edward directly. So you don't have to waste more time on this." Listening to her melodious voice, Kevin's heart melted. He really liked her voice.


instead of warming up instant noodles. That would be a lot better for her.

"Kevin, you sound really concerned." Leena said carefully, biting her lower lip. She was curious about Kevin's reply to that.

"Why? You think I'm the kind of husband who wouldn't care about his own wife, is that it?" Kevin felt helpless about this. Where she got that thought from was beyond him. Had he done something wrong to make her think that he didn't care about her at all?

"No! Of course not. I guess I'm just a bit surprised and flattered, that's all." When they were apart, he had a feeling that they could understand each other better than when the two of them were together. It was because they didn't have to face each other that they could easily say the things that they were too shy to speak otherwise.

"I'm sorry. I didn't make you feel like you are cared for and loved enough." Thinking of the time before, he realized that he didn't show that he cared enough for her. Most of the time, he would ignore her. It was all his fault.

"That's not what I meant. You know me, I just love joking around about everything. Don't take it too seriously, okay? Anyway, somebody is ringing the bell now, so I have to go. Talk to you later! Bye!" Leena said these words as she walked towards the door. She was curious about who was behind the door. She wasn't expecting anyone and didn't think that someone would come to see her at this time of the day.

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