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   Chapter 835 We Are A Couple (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7393

Updated: 2019-01-05 01:50

"Okay, fine. I admit that I was a bit angry, but I wasn't that mad, you know? In fact, it was partly my fault too. I know I was being very childish, and I realize my mistake now. So please, tolerate with me. I promise I will be better and more mature than this." Leena bit her lip. She was the kind of girl who would be tough if others were tough on her, but once they responded nicely to her, she too would be gentle toward them. She wondered if it had been her fault as well. She was brave enough to admit to her mistakes.

"I understand why you were angry. That was reasonable. After all, I was the one who was too harsh on you. You mentioned yesterday that I didn't care about you enough. I admit that I have neglected you a lot, so I apologize to you again. I promise I will pay more attention in the future." He had pondered on what Leena said on the phone yesterday for a very long time and felt guilty as hell. All this time, she was being so thoughtful, and he had been taking her for granted. He never stood in her shoes and considered her own feelings. He wasn't keeping the promises he had made when the two of them got married. After a long time of thinking, he finally realized that what she said was true. He rarely called her, or showed that he cared for her.

"No! I didn't mean that! You took my words too seriously. I was just angry and hurt. I didn't mean to blame you." Leena was quick to explain. She really didn't want to blame him. She just couldn't help but complain a little when she had the opportunity to do so. It seemed like she had made a big mistake. What did he think of her now? Did he think she was a childish woman who was being unreasonable?

"People can't help themselves when they are angry. But at the same time, they usually tell the truth. I do understand your feelings. I'm a grown man, and I wasn't a responsible and proper husband. That's totally my fault. I hurt you. It's something I can't forgive myself for." Kevin closed his eyes slowly, leaning against the back of his chair. He was indeed wrong, and he would not deny that. He wouldn't even make excuses for himself. It was hard enough for two people who barely knew each other to be in a marriage. If they did

m. He leaned heavily against the back of his chair and closed his eyes, resting.

Leena looked at the phone in her hand in confusion. She had a feeling there was definitely something wrong with Kevin, because why else would his voice change so suddenly? However, he said that he was driving, so she didn't want to call him back and ask. She guessed they would talk about it later. For now, she needed to send her e-mail address to him.

Kevin felt better after taking the pills. It seemed that the irregular meals had upset his stomach again. He must pay more attention and take good care of himself. It could cause serious trouble if it grew into a bigger problem when he was out on a mission. Suddenly, his phone chimed. Somebody had sent him a message. He picked up the phone to see that it was Leena. Her message included her e-mail address and a few words of concern. The sudden change in his voice must have worried her.

Smiling secretly to himself, he started the car again and continued driving toward his house. There was still enough food in the fridge, so he didn't need to go grocery shopping. He could still feel a trace of the pain in his stomach. Perhaps it would get better once he reached home and took a nap. He hadn't slept much last night at all. Much to his surprise, his nap extended for a few hours. When he woke up, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. He didn't bother to cook a proper meal for himself and prepared himself some noodles.

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