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   Chapter 834 Leena's Foul Temper (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8482

Updated: 2019-01-05 01:25

"Oh, yes. FX International has launched some new villas for sale. Since Leena isn't home, it would be better if you choose a villa for her." As far as Duke was concerned, Kevin and Leena's apartment was too small - although it was still expensive. Leena was a fanciful girl who enjoyed her whimsical and luxurious activities. It would be better for her to live in a spacious house.

"Did Leena ask you to do this?" Kevin asked in frustration. His brow furrowed. If Leena needed a new and bigger house, he would spend all his savings on her without hesitation.

"Of course not. Edward wants to buy a house for Leena as a wedding gift. Don't refuse and piss him off. He loves Leena too, " Duke answered. Duke sensed the displeasure in Kevin's voice. However, if Edward wanted to give someone a gift, nobody could dare to refuse him. Besides, Edward loved Leena like a sister just as much as Duke loved her. When Duke confided to Edward that he thought Leena needed a better house, Edward said that he had already chosen one for her as a wedding gift. Since Edward had no idea about Leena's taste in housing property, he needed Kevin's help in this.

"Okay. I get that, " Kevin responded. He knew he could not refuse Edward's gift. The house was meant for Leena, not for Kevin himself. Just like the brand new car in his parking lot, it represented the love and blessings from Leena's brother.

"I'm glad that you aren't refusing Edward. His secretary, Anna, will contact you. You can come and choose a house for Leena. Don't be too late; the pre-sales of these houses should not be postponed for your sake. They would not be sold until you have chosen an appropriate one for your wife, " Duke replied gladly. He still hadn't fully accepted Kevin as his brother-in-law. However, after the small chat with Belinda last time, his attitude toward Kevin changed greatly.

"All right. I'll come over this afternoon, " Kevin said. His schedule was tight tomorrow, so he decided to see the houses this afternoon.

"Great. Talk to you later. Good day, " Duke said. Duke hung up the phone. He originally intended to ask Anna to send the photos to Leena online, but she didn't answer his phone. So he had to contact her husband instead. After all, the house would belong to Kevin as much as it would to Leena.

Kevin frowned. It suddenly occurred to him that people could consider him to be a man who married for money. Although he had known about Leena's identity before they got married, he had never considered that Leena was doted upon by

rnational Group must have employed many talented designers to build these astonishing houses, ' he thought.

Kevin checked his wrist watch. It was 6 o'clock right now, which meant it must be 11 o'clock in the morning in France. Leena should be up by now. Kevin wondered whether or not his wife would like to talk to him if he called her. He made a terrible mistake quarreling with her last night. Nevertheless, he decided to make his call.

He entered Leena's number on his phone, longing to hear her sweet voice again. However, the call gave her a good scare. Leena had turned off her phone immediately after last night's fight. A moment ago, she had turned it on again and it rang immediately. She checked to see that it was her husband calling.

"Hello, " Leena responded to the call coldly. She was still angry at Kevin's bad temper from last night.

"Girl, are you still mad at me?" Kevin asked humbly. He shook his hand, blaming himself for starting a fight with his wife before thinking twice about it.

"No, I'm not." Leena frowned, wondering why Kevin had been calling her so much in the past two days.

"Don't lie to me. I know you better than you think. I can sense the anger in your voice. Leena, I'm really sorry for what happened last night. I thought about it a lot. I know I'm bad at loving and getting along with you. But I have decided to work on it harder. Please trust me on this." This was the first time that Kevin had acknowledged his mistakes. He had already figured out why he got so emotional and aggressive when it came to his wife. He had become overly protective ever since he first met Leena. Maybe it was proving to be too much for the both of them.

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