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   Chapter 833 Leena's Foul Temper (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9013

Updated: 2019-01-05 00:28

As the capital of France, Paris housed the headquarters of many international companies and drew in countless fashion elites from all over the world. Other than that, it was well known for its prosperity and fantastic scenery. Walking on the streets, Leena paid no attention to the dazzling lights that decorated the Eiffel tower, nor to the astonishing artistic works in the Louvre. Her schedule in France was tight. She could only dream about Kevin when she went to sleep every night.

Due to the time difference between the two countries, she rarely got time to get in touch with Kevin. More importantly, the nature of Kevin's job prevented her from doing so. For instance, she had spare time right now, but it was already 1 o'clock in the morning in S city. Kevin must have already fallen asleep by now, she thought. Leena leisurely strolled along the Seine River. When the lingering light of the setting sun fell on the waves, she was enchanted by the colors it brought to life. If it were possible, she would sail across the Seine River and enjoy a good time.

In France, women usually had blonde hair and blue eyes. Leena stood out in the country. She was blessed with long black hair, fair skin and a slender figure. A playful smile always lingered around the corners of her mouth. Being a full-fledged oriental beauty, she constantly drew the attention of passersby.

She was lucky to have made great progress in a short time as a designer in France. She was the darling of the aristocrats in the fashion circle and had quickly grown to become one of the elite designers here, which Leena herself had not expected.

Preoccupied with the beautiful scenery of the Seine River, she did not notice her phone vibrating in her bag. She thought about how she wanted to go shopping, so that when she returned home and met Kevin, she could surprise him with some lovely presents.

Sitting on a couch in a lavish apartment in S City, Kevin looked solemn and wondered where Leena was. Did she forget to carry her cell phone with her when she went out? Why wasn't she answering his calls? Did something happen to her? Kevin was agitated by the dangerous thought that popped into his head all of a sudden. He stood up and anxiously strolled across his office. Looking outside the window at the twinkling stars in the sky, he longed to hear Leena's sweet voice over the phone, but he couldn't. It was killing him.

Leena walked into a restaurant located on the bank of Seine. She took a seat near the window that overlooked the stunning scenery outside and imagined herself boarding a boat to cruise across the river. At that moment, she suddenly realized that her mobile phone was ringing and vi

day off, " Daisy replied. Daisy stood up as well, walking out of the meeting room.

"Let's go! I also have some work to do."

Kevin frowned, mulling over what the chief commander had told him at the meeting. It was said that many new recruits were unaccustomed to the new environment at the base. He felt obliged to visit them in order to find a feasible solution.

"Major General Gu, the CEO of Leng Group called up a moment ago. You should call him back, " his assistant, Lee, chimed in as soon as he saw Kevin come back to the office.

"All right. Did he say anything to you?" Kevin asked curiously. Kevin picked up his phone and browsed through the contacts in his directory. His brother-in-law rarely called him. 'Has something happened?' he wondered. '

"No. He hung up after I told him that you were in a meeting, " Lee answered. Lee knew very well the relationship between Kevin and Leng Group. He wasn't surprised when Duke called.

"Well! May I have the room?" Kevin prompted. Lee walked out in haste and closed the office door. Kevin phoned Duke, speculating that it was likely that Leena had told her brother about their quarrel last night. If so, it was very uncharacteristic of her to do that.

Duke was as busy as ever. He had too many documents to handle and meetings to attend. As he had just come back from his vacation, the tasks had been backlogged and he had to work overtime to finish them. When his phone rang, he answered it before checking the caller ID.

"Hello. This is Duke. Who is that?" he asked. With his sight still fixed on the documents on his desk, he held the cell phone in one hand and a pen in the other.

"Duke, this is Kevin. My assistant said that you called me, " Kevin said, unperturbed. There was a frosty look on his handsome face.

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