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   Chapter 832 The Woman I Want For The Rest Of My Life (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8433

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"What? You're going to fire me? You can't! I'll go to the Labor Bureau and sue you!" Rachel ran to keep up with Duke, but the elevator doors closed in her face. No matter how annoyed she was, she could only vent her anger by stomping her feet.

"Janice, ask Rachel in the sales department to leave. End her contract and pay her an extra two years' salary as a severance package. I think that's more than generous." Janice followed him as he issued these orders. As soon as Duke entered the office, he set Janice to work on this.

"Mr. Leng, what if she won't leave?" Janice pursed her lips. Mr. Leng was so generous to give Rachel two years' salaries as compensation. If it were Janice, she would fire her directly using some random excuse. But Rachel was not easy to deal with. Would she take the severance package and leave as they expected? And she needed to know how Duke wanted it to be handled if she said no.

"If she won't leave? Have the security guards throw her out. I don't care how you do it. Just get her out. I don't want to see her in the morning meeting." Duke sneered. 'Rachel, you really think you're bulletproof? I kept you here before because Belinda agreed. But now, it's time for you to leave, ' Duke thought.

"Okay, Mr. Leng, I'll get on it right away." Janice took a deep breath and walked out of the office. She had an ugly job to do.

Rachel would never have thought that before her morning coffee had time to cool, she'd have a notice of dismissal waiting for her. The troublemaker realized that Duke was not joking just now.

"Janice, could I know the reason?" Rachel asked. Obviously she knew the answer herself. But she was reluctant to accept the fact, especially the fact that she was fired in front of everyone. Wasn't this an insult? Based on what she bragged about her relationship with Duke during the gathering before, she actually shot herself in the foot.

"Sorry, I don't have that information. I am just following the orders of the CEO." Janice smiled, pretending to look innocent. If she hadn't been at Duke's wedding, she would be cheated by Rachel's pitiful look now. She might even consider not firing her. But Janice had witnessed the whole process of the wedding. It would have been perfect if not for this woman. It was impossible for her to show any trace of sympathy to Rachel now.

"What if I don't want to leave the company?" Rachel gently bit her lips, looking aggressively at Janice. She believed that Janice didn't dare to do anything to her.

"The securi

to get arrested. She knew there were cameras in the parking lot. So she was not dumb enough to think that no one would notice what she had done.

"Huh, this crazy woman!" The security guard cursed while looking at the colorful scribbles on the windows of the CEO's car. They had thought their task was finished when Rachel left the office building. They didn't think that she would vent her anger on the CEO's car. So they had to wipe the scribbles off the glass before the CEO found out. Otherwise they would really be done because of this crazy woman.

Rachel laughed all the way as she drove away from the Leng Group. In the end, the laughter became teardrops and cries of rage. She crazily pressed the accelerator and blasted the horn as loudly as possible. Was she too confident about herself? No one would stay at the same place forever, and Duke was no exception.

What should she do now? She couldn't go home. Otherwise her savings would be taken away by her gambling father. She didn't have any plan now and could only play it by ear. She hoped her family was unaware that she came back from abroad because she was divorced.

There was no use crying over spilled milk. If there was some medicine in the world which would give her a fresh start, she would buy it, no matter how much it cost. As long as she could go back to the time when she first met Duke. If this was possible, she would never abandon him. But pathetically, there was no such drug. She had to figure out what she'd do next, carefully plan her next steps, and figure out how to bring down Belinda. Everything in the world that she cared about had been taken from her. Now she would have her revenge.

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