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   Chapter 831 The Woman I Want For The Rest Of My Life (Part One)

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"Aren't Duke and Belinda back?" Kevin asked as he walked beside Lloyd. He assumed that Duke and Belinda must have had a lot of fun on their honeymoon trip. They went to a land full of mystery, which boasted historic sites and rich cultural deposits with thousands of years' worth of history. It was supposed to be refreshing for the soul, how could they not be happy there?

"Not yet. They'll probably be back in a few days. The company needs them. They can't be away too long." Lloyd brought Kevin directly to the dining room, where Giselle was busy moving the dishes to the table from the kitchen. When she saw Kevin, she greeted him and said, "Good morning! Mr. Gu." Then she went back to work.

"Yeah, such big companies can't run smoothly without them." Kevin didn't know much about doing business. But he knew that for such a big company like the Leng Group, it must have many business plans waiting to be approved every day. The work was just as complicated as the training they organized at the army base.

"You're right. Let's drop the subject and eat. Want some wine?" Lloyd made Kevin sit down and proposed when he saw the wine cabinet.

"No, thanks. I have to drive." Kevin immediately refused. Lee was not with him, so he couldn't drink. Otherwise no one would drive his car back if he got drunk.

"Fair enough. I get it. Safety first." He gestured at the food. "These are all Leena's favorite dishes. I don't know what you like, so I asked Giselle to prepare them. I hope you don't mind, " Lloyd said while wearing a smile. His manner was very different from Duke's cold demeanor.

"It's okay, I'm not picky. Everything smells really good." Army life didn't allow a man to be finicky. Even though he was a Major General, when he went to the canteen to eat, he ate the same food as the other soldiers did. There was no special treatment. Though there were chances to enjoy the privilege of high rank, he would never allow himself to do so. Much like Daisy, he didn't like to be privileged. The military wasn't some country club. It was in the business of preparing for war.

"When Leena was fat before, she was also not very particular about food. She ate almost everything which came her way. But later, in order to lose weight, she started eating only vegetables for a while. Over time, she became very careful about the food she ate. She rarely ate high-calorie food." Lloyd sighed. Strictly speaking, Leena wasn't really fat. She was only plump. But she firmly thought that she was laughed at by others because of this. So she spent a lot of time on losing weight. Fortunately, her weight didn't rebound. On the contr

e happiness of their honeymoon; he had totally forgotten about Rachel.

"Good morning, Duke!" Rachel flashed a sweet smile, as if she had done nothing during his wedding ceremony.

"Rachel, why are you still here?" Duke furrowed his brow. Even if he didn't have time to ask her to quit her job and leave the company, any woman who had self-esteem would not be so shameless to continue to stay here. What would she do next?

"I am working here. What did you think I'd be doing? I'm the group leader of the sales department." Rachel wore a graceful smile the whole time they talked. She certainly knew what Duke wanted to tell her. But if she really left Leng Group, it wouldn't be easy for her to find a satisfactory job. She made trouble on his wedding day. And though only few powerful entrepreneurs showed up, her reputation was tarnished. The news spread like wildfire, and everyone knew. No one would hire her after what she pulled. That much was certain.

"Rachel, are you an idiot? You still think you can work here after what you pulled? After you caused that shitstorm on my wedding day? I really should fire you right here. Give me one good reason to keep you on." Duke ground his teeth. His good mood disappeared the moment he saw this woman.

"Why can't I stay with the company? What the hell makes you think you can treat me like that? Or did you forget that we signed an employment contract?" Rachel smiled cunningly. This was why she behaved so arrogantly. She had the contract with the company about her employment.

"Huh, it's only an employment contract. The company has the right to cancel it." Duke stared at her coldly and then walked quickly into the elevator. If she wanted to threaten him with the contract, she was too naive.

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