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   Chapter 829 100 Steps Between Them (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8052

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"Yes! I'm preparing for it. But there are also some other things I need to take care of. So I'll be here awhile. I can't go back soon. I'm sorry." Hearing his sexy voice this late at night made her so happy. She felt much more comfortable and less annoyed now.

"What? Are you going to be there for a long time?" Probably even Kevin himself did not realize that he asked her this in a hurried tone. Anyone listening to him would know instantly that Leena occupied a special place in his heart, and everything felt empty without her there.

"I don't know yet. I'm sorry! You'll need to fix dinner yourself, I guess. I'll come back as soon as I can. I promise." Although Leena's major was fashion design, a modern profession, traditional virtues were in her bones. She'd like to cook for her husband and take care of their home. So she felt sorry when Kevin had to handle the housework by himself. She was a lovely mix of conservative and modern, and that was what made Kevin love her more.

"No worries there. I can manage it. I'm just worried about you. " He did not know what kind of life she had in Paris in the past. But now she was his wife and it was his responsibility to keep her safe. She was still like a young girl, so he could not help worrying about when she was so far away from him. He couldn't be there as quickly as he liked.

"Don't worry! I have tons of friends here and I'll be fine." Leena could not help growing enraptured hearing his caring words. All her depression and annoyance disappeared suddenly as if he had cast a magic spell on her. She felt like that she had fallen into the sea of happiness. She could easily feel satisfied with just this. She was so humble in a relationship that people would pity and love her.

"Yeah. Okay. Get to bed early and don't wear yourself out too much, " Kevin said in a caring tone, glancing at his watch. It was about 3 in the morning in Paris now. It was bad for her health if she slept too late every day. She was delicate and the hard workload might wear her down. It was best if she took care of herself, given how busy she was.

"Okay! I get it, " she said in a teasing tone. "I'm off to bed then. I'll call you later. Bye!" She didn't say half of what she wanted to say. Despite this, she couldn't be more satisfied or happier.

"Good night!" After hanging up the phone, Kevin spent a while deep in thought. Although Leena seemed ha

anything more when he saw how much his daughter liked the present. It wasn't his place to get too involved in her business. The problems of the younger generation needed to be attended to by the young.

"Someday? I'm calling him now." At that point, Louisa walked quickly to her bedroom, happiness putting a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She felt closer to Kevin now. She was smart enough to have saved his number long ago, so she wasn't worried that she'd lose contact. She had prepared and prayed, waiting for this day.

"Hello! This is Kevin Gu. Who's speaking, please?" Kevin was driving when Louisa called him. Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Kevin answered the phone. It was a new number that he had never seen before. He wondered who was calling him.

"Kevin, it's me, Louisa. I got your gift. It's so beautiful. I like it a lot. Thank you so much!" Louisa answered in a soft voice with a hint of flirtation, as if she were talking to her boyfriend. She was so confident as if Kevin had already been smitten with her.

"Oh! It's you! I'm glad you like it. It's just a small thing. I asked my friend to buy, and wasn't sure you'd like it or not." Kevin was honest. He spoke as he thought. A foreign military officer who had been training with him at that time helped him select the necklace. That was a fact.

"Yes, I do! I like it VERY MUCH. Let's have a meal together soon. It's on me. It's the least I can do for the wonderful gift."

Louisa took the opportunity and invited him for a meal. She was about to start her grand plan closing in on him step by step.

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