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   Chapter 826 Love Potion (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7486

Updated: 2019-01-04 00:12

"You're stressed out. I can tell. It's got to be exhausting to be caught between your principles and your family, " Edward said with a concerned look. If possible, he really wanted to shoulder her burden. But he knew in his heart that she had to convince herself to give up her grudge. It was the only way out. No matter how much they were worried about her, there was very little they could do to help.

"Yes, but only sometimes. I'm fine. I have you and Justin around to comfort me, right?" Daisy finally allowed herself a smile. Although it was a faint one, it came as a relief for Edward. Smiling back, he walked up to her and took her into his arms with great affection. He swore to himself that whenever she felt tired, he would be the harbor of her soul, forever.

"Absolutely. We'll always be there for you. So just take it easy and don't let this thing ruin your life, okay?" said Edward, kissing her gently on the head. In his eyes, she wasn't always the strong and tenacious colonel. And in many cases, she was only a fragile woman who needed his protection.

"You know what, Edward, I'm afraid that I have grown addicted to your tenderness, and my dependency on you is ever increasing. Strange, because for others, the more they get to know their lovers, the less passionate they would be in a relationship. But for me, it is totally the other way around. Tell me, have you ever used any love potion on me? Or else I can't think of other explanations for my obsession for you."

Looking up at him, Daisy brought her face closer to his. Their faces were so close that she could taste his sexy thin lips with a slight move of her rosy ones. It was all she wanted in the world.

"So, I have something to ask you. Did you cast a spell on me? Are you a witch? Why are you the only woman I can see? Why did all the other women become nothing to me the moment I laid eyes on you?" Before Daisy could say a word, he pressed his lips to hers. The softness he felt made him want more. But he didn't go deeper. Instead, he paused to affectionately meet her gaze, feeling her warm breath on his face.

"Well, maybe we both bewitched each other. That's why neither of us can resist the other for long." Her own words gave her goose bum

efy you?" Having said that, Daisy fondled his naked barrel chest gently with her slender fingers, smiling provocatively at him. Gazing at him, her desire shone in her eyes.

"Woman, you won't get away from me this time. There's no escape. This is what you get for challenging me." Edward was a real lady-killer. There was no two ways about it, for he could get the icy Daisy to surrender simply by shooting her an affectionate look. She stopped struggling, and started to take heavy breaths, losing herself totally in the act of making love. She was with her man, and he was the only one who could do this.

When the first signs of the dawn appeared on the horizon, the Marine Garrison Headquarters of the city was already full of movement. Green-clad soldiers strode to and fro, and you could hear the roar of engines as vehicles were mobilized. Like always, the sound of the drill commands echoed through the yard and its surroundings, indicating that the soldiers were in the midst of their morning exercises.

Daisy and Kevin arrived at the army base almost at the same time. Daisy always cut a pretty martial figure in her uniform. She walked into the base with such dignified bearing, as if to tell people that she was not inferior to anyone, not even to men.

"Good morning, Major General. You're early today." Daisy greeted Kevin with a bright smile, looking better than ever. She seemed to have an "in-love glow", so it was clearly evident that she enjoyed her marriage a lot.

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