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   Chapter 824 Proud And Cold Edward (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7922

Updated: 2019-01-03 00:54

"Justin, let me ask you a question. If your grandpa on your mother's side wants to see you, will you meet him?" Edward's question was tentative. There was a sudden silence inside the car as neither he nor Justin said anything.

"Daddy, is he the grandpa who dislikes Mom?" It was Justin who broke the pressure surrounding them. He raised his head and looked at his daddy in wonder.

"Yes, you're right. Is it ok if he pays you a visit when it's convenient for both of you?" Edward wouldn't force his son to meet Leo, therefore, he was offering his child an option instead.

"Can I think about it?" The little boy puckered his mouth. 'Since this man once disliked Mommy, why would he want to see me? But then, he's still Mommy's biological father and my grandpa. What should I do?' he thought, indecisive.

"Of course. Take your time. Just tell me yes or no once you get an answer, " answered Edward and smiled back. The car drove slowly on its way to Mu Manson. They would be back home soon.

"Will he feel sad if I refuse?" Another innocent question came from Justin as he stared at his daddy. It was then that the car stopped at the parking lot.

"Maybe. But if you don't want to see him, just tell me and I'll let him know, " Edward replied in a comforting voice. He had kept this topic from Daisy. He would be less worried if Justin refused. Daisy hated Leo after all. She would definitely go against him once she learned that it was him who arranged for the two to meet.

"Forget it. Let me sleep over it. I'm gonna tell you about my decision tomorrow, " his son said gloomily. Justin, who was cheerful earlier, was preoccupied with trouble when they got home. Thus, Daisy automatically wondered upon seeing her child the moment she greeted the two home.

"Son, what happened at school? Did you get into a fight with other kids?" she asked curiously and seriously. She was wearing an apron and it was easy to say that she was cooking. When she heard the noise in the yard, she ran out of the kitchen and came across his son who looked sad and troubled.

"It's nice to see you at this hour of the day, Mommy, " said Justin. He threw himself into his mommy's arm and didn't mind the oil stains on her apron.

"Me too, son." Daisy's hands were wet so she raised her hands high and let Justin embrace her waist instead.

"Mommy, you smell good, "

's always proud and cold. Somebody should deal with his fickle temper, " said Cynthia. If Cynthia was to take side whenever Edward and Daisy quarreled, she would surely choose her daughter-in-law. She just couldn't love Daisy more for her kindness and thoughtfulness.

"No. I might have said something wrong, which angered him, " replied Daisy with a timid smile. Although she grumbled about Edward's bad temper a few moments ago, she still couldn't help but defend him, which was strange.

"As far as I'm concerned, you're being overprotective and caring. It's the reason why he puts on a show of bad temper whenever he wants to, " replied Cynthia. Other mothers-in-law might be afraid that their daughters-in-law weren't treating their sons well. However, Cynthia was different. She dreamed of her daughter-in-law to control her son so that Edward wouldn't do things in an unhindered way.

"No, I'm not. He rarely loses his temper this way. I might have made a mistake today, " insisted Daisy. She never blamed other people for her faults. Meanwhile, she wouldn't avoid admitting her own mistakes under any circumstances. It was the same as how she tried to get along with Edward.

"Never give in to your husband, even though you make some mistakes. He better know how it is to be frustrated, " answered Cynthia. Daisy had to refrain herself from laughing. How could a mother blame her son for her daughter-in-law's mistakes? she wondered.

"This is awkward." Daisy looked at Cynthia disbelievingly. She wondered why Cynthia took her side rather than her son's.

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