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   Chapter 821 Why Save Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6652

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"I see everyone as equals and consider them worthy of respect. A man is always capable of change no matter what wrong he did in the past. He could always make a difference as long as he still has his better nature in himself." The way Daisy led her life was consistent with her words. For instance, when confronted with armed opponents in missions, she would always hit in a way that would cripple her opponents but not kill. Few people gave much thought to what she was really concerned about in wars - lives. It was the reason why she got more injuries than her co-workers during all those years of work. Sometimes, she would tell herself to toughen up a little but it hadn't worked very well so far.

"If only there were more of you in the world..." sighed Hero. He sincerely felt sad that there was only one Daisy. He would never find anyone as kind-hearted as her again.

Hero wasn't the only one who saw that. Edward knew that too. That was why he cherished Daisy so much and was willing to make all those changes for her, throwing away his old lifestyle and turning into a family man. It was also because of Daisy that Edward still held a bit of respect for Leo, for if not for him, Daisy would never have come to this world. No matter how much Daisy wanted to disconnect herself with her father, their blood tie was never to be changed.

Edward was having a meeting with Leo in a café. "Hello, Mr. Ouyang. May I know why you asked me out this time?" asked Edward as he sat casually on his chair after greeting Leo. He knew from his secretary that Leo had been wanting to see him. He didn't give him what he wanted easily but waited a few days before agreeing to meet him.

"Ed... Mr. Mu. You know what I am here about. Of course, it's about Daisy." Though Edward was his son-in-law, Leo didn't dare to call him by the name. He knew that the couple hated his guts after what he did to Daisy. Besides, he was discouraged by the obvious distant look of Edward.

"If it's about Dais

, Leo resumed, "There is another thing I want to ask you about. Would you mind letting me see Justin? I miss him." Leo was almost begging. He had spent a lot of time contemplating his past after the dramatic changes in his family. And the more that he did so, the heavier his heart became. In front of Edward now was an aged man who had lost his spirits.

"I will let Justin know that you want to see him, but it's completely up to him whether he would meet you or not." Edward was a democratic parent who didn't like imposing his own thoughts on his child. Even though Justin was still very young, Edward respected him and always encouraged him to make decisions on his own.

"I get it and I know you wouldn't stop him from seeing me. I just want to spend an afternoon having a little fun with him, that's all." Wringing his hands nervously made Leo look old. It was such a great contrast compared to his confident and high-spirited former self.

"I will inform you when I hear an answer from Justin." A lot of thoughts poured in as Edward pondered about the drastic changes of Leo. He wondered if Daisy would feel sorry and forgive her father once she saw what he was like now. Maybe she would. But just as an old saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, it would take Leo a long time before Daisy accepted him again.

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