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   Chapter 820 Why Save Me (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6766

Updated: 2019-01-03 00:50

As enchanting and fascinating as they were, the legendary life of Cleopatra and the picturesque scene along the Nile River were irrelevant to those who lived in S City. Here, people lived another ordinary day as usual.

It was the blinding white ceiling and the mind-blowing headache that welcomed Hero back from his coma. He was still alive. A messy brew of mixed feelings stirred in his stomach as he chewed on this reality. It was Daisy, he heard, who had saved his life. He moved his head to look around and saw that she was sitting right next to him. Confused as well as touched, he asked, "Why did you save me?" Then, he turned his head back so as to evade her gaze. The last thing he wanted was for her to see him in his worst times.

"Because you still got a conscience, and therefore is not beyond redemption, " said Daisy with a light sigh. She had always thought that Hero was a citizen of her country. It was her belief until she received a document stating that he was actually a Singaporean. He was a mixed-blood whose criminal case should be under the jurisdiction of the two countries.

"Haha, conscience? Since when did you take that as a criterion in judging a criminal?" After shooting a brief glance at Daisy, Hero then looked away and stared out the window, his eyes empty.

"I know you hate me for putting you into prison and saving your life. None of these things are what you wanted. However, you should know that catching you is my job. I have to do it. As for saving you, I did it for the old times' sake. I can't just watch you die. That's all." No one could have anticipated the way things had developed. However, Daisy couldn't see anything wrong with what she had done. She did what she thought was right as an army woman. Her attention was always focused on facts, and seldom did she let herself get distracted by personal feelings.

"Would you believe it if I say I don't blame you for neither of those things?" Hero asked as he finally mustered the guts to look directly at her. His face

know that your name is not Hero. You are Ian Yun." 'Ian, a boy next door's name, ' thought Daisy. 'Fits his appearance but not his way of doing things. Considering the kind of business he was in, the name Hero suits him more.'

"Ironic, isn't it? My parents wanted a normal life for me, yet I went into illegal businesses and became a criminal." Hero's heart sank as his mind flashed back to his bleak childhood. He was born in a poor family and was frequently bullied by other rich boys. Those things impacted him so hard that they eventually drove him into illegal businesses. However, he had never regretted the life he had chosen. Why? Because he met Daisy in it.

"No, I only feel sorry for you. I know there is still a part of you that is good. That is enough for me to feel the need to save you." Daisy never doubted that no one was born evil. Few people chose to be bad. Environment and society mostly determined what kind of person one became in life.

"Haha, you think I am a good person? You have a very weird way of seeing people." Hero laughed to hide his true emotions. He was touched to hear that Daisy still saw good in him. He was a total villain to other people. 'Good' was the last word they would connect him with. Hearing Daisy's opinion of him made him more convinced that he indeed devoted his love to the right person.

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