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   Chapter 817 Chaos In the Wedding Ceremony (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6267

Updated: 2019-01-02 00:42

"Girl, what did you hear? You seem quite confident about what you have on your mind." Rain frowned at her adorable face, but his eyes held a tender look.

"Well, I heard everything." Truth be told, Leena hadn't really heard everything. She had just caught their last few words. But she wanted to frighten them, so she indulged in a small lie. She had to, or they would get obnoxious. Leena couldn't allow that.

"Do you think your sis Daisy will trust your words? That all of us talked badly of her?" Edward smiled. To him, Leena was naive and inexperienced. That was why they all worried that she would get hurt in her marriage with Kevin.

"Who talked badly of me?" Daisy's cool voice sounded in everyone's ears. She suddenly came into sight.

"Sis, they did! And they even denied it when I said I had heard everything, " Leena said gloatingly, smirking at them. These guys always treated her like she was a small, innocent kid. Now she held their secret in the palm of her hand! They would surely be rebuked by Daisy once she told her the truth.

"No! Daisy, I swear I did not speak badly of you! If you want to find a fighting partner, Edward is the excellent candidate! I really would not be a good choice." Tom was the first one to defend himself. It would be stupid of him to admit he had said anything that might spoil her image. And he hadn't anyway! All he said was that there was another man who had feelings for her. Those were hardly bad words.

"Daisy, I did not say anything either. Ask Edward! You will know I am telling you the truth." Rain had always respected Daisy as a colonel. So when Daisy turned to look at him, he put Edward in the line of fire and used him as his shield. Oh, he was not a loyal friend this time!

"Well, judging from what they are saying, you are the only one who talked badly of me!" Daisy said in warning, stepping toward

ss. Don't get angry and fall into her trap."

Watching Duke apologize so abjectly, Belinda felt pity in her heart. He was such a proud man. But now his head was bowed in front of her parents. He was afraid of making a bad impression. Although her parents were not hostile about it, she could not help but argue and defend him.

"I am not blaming Duke. I just want to know what was going on. Otherwise, I would have no idea how to explain the incident to our friends and relatives." There is a Chinese saying that goes like, 'A married daughter is spilled water.' It meant that a woman always stood by her husband after she married him. At the moment, listening to Belinda protect Duke from being criticized, Sherry felt that about her. Sherry merely wanted to know the truth. That was all.

"It's okay, Belinda. I understand how Mother and Father feel. They are concerned about you." Duke touched Belinda's bare shoulder lightly to comfort her, catching her eye in the process. As he gazed at her revealing dress, he could not help but curse his sister. Oh, God. What had Leena done? How could she design such a revealing dress for Belinda, her sister-in-law? This dress exposed a lot more naked skin in comparison to her wedding gown earlier.

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