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   Chapter 815 Chaos In the Wedding Ceremony (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6721

Updated: 2019-01-02 00:42

"Duke Leng, how could you do this to me? You abandoned me and married her because she belongs to a rich family. You are heartless! I have been kept in the dark. I have waited so long for your proposal, expecting you to marry me one day. I am such a fool!" Rachel's voice grew louder as everyone present at the wedding could hear her accuse Duke of abandoning her. They glanced at the bridegroom, whispering among themselves.

"Rachel, what are you talking about? Don't you think you change your reasoning too quickly? You said I married Duke for his fortune, and now you are saying Duke abandoned you because of my wealth. Come on, which excuse do you want to stick with? Be clear. Or perhaps, you have a third story for back-up? Why not narrate it to us? Oh! Why don't you tell everyone about how you left your home and went to a remote land to marry a rich man for his money? We'd feel humble at your generosity if you share that story with us." Belinda cast a sidelong gaze at Rachel, taunting her. As a woman, Belinda was ashamed of Rachel's behavior today. She did not understand how Rachel's mind worked. Didn't she feel sorry at all?

"Belinda Shangguan, what are you talking about? You are claiming I married a man for his wealth? Don't try to put false accusations on me!" As Rachel listened to her long tirade, she realized Belinda was about to reveal her complicated past. She panicked, her face distorting into a sneer.

"What I am talking about? Shouldn't I be asking you that question, Rachel? How dare you come here and interrupt my wedding ceremony deliberately! What gives you the right to do so?" Belinda was not an easygoing woman. Normally, she laughed off a minor provocation. But today was the most important day in her life. What Rachel did had crossed the line and goaded at her tolerance. It was natural for her to be pissed off.

"What, are you outraged that easily? Then I assume you're going to hit the ceiling when you hear what I'm about to say next." Rachel felt dismayed as sh

. A loud whine was heard. It doubtlessly came from Rachel.

"All right, everyone. Let's leave this crazy woman to be on her own. She divorced not a long while ago and is obviously unstable and frustrated. So she thought she could come uninvited to this wedding and try to sabotage it! Alas, that's how she imagined she would get attention. She's clearly envious of the newly-wedded couple. We would all do better to ignore her. Without anymore unnecessary delay, let's enjoy the meals, the drinks, and the party! Don't lose your appetites because of her. It's not worthwhile, " Rain told the audience aptly in a few words. He was an expert at dealing with emergency situations and putting people at ease. The guessing and whispers dissipated because of his charming clarification.

"I'm sorry, Belinda. I didn't handle that well. She made such a scene at our wedding. It's all my fault. I apologize." Duke knew that a woman cared about her character the most. Belinda's reputation had been more or less blemished because of Rachel playing havoc with her accusations. Whether or not others believed it, his parents-in-law would certainly be upset that he hadn't taken care of his former affairs with another woman. They might become skeptical about him. Oh, damn it! That Rachel Qin was such a wicked woman! She had done them great harm.

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