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   Chapter 814 Drama At The Wedding (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7627

Updated: 2019-01-02 00:42

Rain discarded the colorful clothes he usually wore and dressed formally today. His formal ensemble made him look educated, amiable and decent. It was odd how such a happy occasion like this could make him sad and wonder when he would meet his love.

"Rain, don't pull a long face. Others may think that your old flame is getting married today. Well, why are there lipstick marks on your shirt?" Edward smiled wickedly. Rain just went to pick up the bride. Why was he sloppily dressed as if he just left the nightclub?

"Alas! Forget it. You know what? The bridesmaids seldom meet handsome guys like me. Their eyes were shining with excitement at the sight of me. They tried every means to drive me mad. Fortunately, I managed to escape. It was so horrible!" Rain shivered with fear at the mention of his bitter experience. The bridesmaids were crazy. It was like they had never met a man before. No, he had to correct that. What he meant was a man who was indescribably striking like himself.

"You excel at dealing with women, right? And you couldn't even deal with some bridesmaids?" Edward could imagine how fierce the scene was. Rain's shabby look was already a good giveaway.

"Oh, so you're capable? Why didn't you go?" Rain snapped a reply while glaring at Edward. How could this man insult him instead of comforting him? He wouldn't agree to be a groomsman if it wasn't for Duke's wedding.

"I wanted to give you this opportunity to make friends with more girls. If I had been there, they wouldn't have noticed you." Edward continued making fun of Rain. Even if he went to pick up the bride, the bridesmaids didn't dare to do anything to him. It was known to all that he was the CEO of the FX International Group. Thus, not everyone could get close to him easily.

"It's just what I want. Look. What is that woman doing over there?" Rain wasn't close with Rachel but he knew who she was as he had met her before. He didn't know why Rachel, who was wearing a white wedding-like dress, would walk towards the red carpet slowly. It was Duke's wedding day today. No mistake was allowed. Rachel was the last person that Duke wanted to invite.

"Rachel? Oh, My God. How did she make her way here? She must be up to something. I have to stop her. Tell Luke to bring some g

ul and influential.

"Duke, get your wits back. Look at this woman. What she loves is not you, but your money." Rachel repeated what she had said and started accusing Belinda of a poor girl who leaned on a moneybag.

"Rachel, it's ridiculous! Do you know what you are talking about? You said Belinda coveted Duke's money. You must have no idea of who Belinda is. Let me tell you. She is the CEO of the YS Group. Ha-ha! It's funny!" Rain came over after calling Luke and heard such an interesting thing.

"What? You mean Belinda is the CEO of the YS Group? No, this is impossible! Isn't she a poor girl? How could she be the CEO of the YS Group? It's a lie!" Rachel had heard of the YS Group. It was one of the largest groups in S City. Little did she think that the CEO of the YS Group was a woman!

"So you don't have an idea of it? How dare you! You came to make trouble without making an investigation and claimed that Belinda forced Duke to break up with you. Don't you know who you are? Don't forget that your husband divorced you." Rain smiled fascinatingly. What a good show it was! However, it was a pity that Rachel was a bad actress. She couldn't arouse others' feelings, and it was even more impossible for her to get their sympathy.

Rachel's face turned ghostly pale with fright. Duke once asked her to investigate what the name Belinda Shangguan represented. She didn't know why back then, but she was enlightened now. If that was the case, did it mean that she had found a more alluring topic?

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