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   Chapter 813 Drama At The Wedding (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8552

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"Daisy, don't you think you're being irrational? We may not be with her all the time but we can come to her the moment she needs us. Can Kevin do that? I don't think so. Don't forget who he is. As a Major General, he has to be on call the whole time. It's easier for us to save our time for Leena."

Edward couldn't agree with Daisy's view. Fine, they might not be capable of giving Leena the romance she wanted but that was nothing compared to their capability of taking good care of her. On the contrary, it was obvious that Kevin didn't have much time to keep her company. He couldn't even give her his full thoughtful attention. How could they possibly live in two separated places shortly after their marriage and not even meet each other much?

"Edward, are you blaming me indirectly? Both of Kevin and I work in the military and have no time to take care of our families. You've never mentioned it to me before, so it was a bit surprising to hear that you don't like my job. Speak up if you have complaints. You must have nursed an objection for long." Daisy cocked her head to the side. She looked enlightened, as she stared at Edward appraisingly.

"You got me wrong. We're talking about Kevin. Why are you directing the spearhead at me?" He sighed helplessly. Yes, she was on-the-go all day but he had never even thought of complaining about her work. He loved her with all his heart and soul. He would try to get used to the life she offered him as long as she had him in her heart.

Kevin could hear Leena's chuckle as he approached. 'So that is how she is when she's happy, ' he mutters, 'That's the grin I never get to see when she's with me. Could it be that she is no longer happy after marrying me? I should have spent more time accompanying her.'

"Dad, I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you?" Kevin greeted Lloyd respectfully. Leena, who was acting like a spoiled brat inside her dad's arms suddenly behaved and stood aside upon seeing him coming. Gone was her beaming smile that caught his attention.

"Yes, I'm fine. How nice of you to ask. I didn't know that you came back. Leena, you should have told me about it." Kevin's presence had livened Lloyd up. He had captured Lloyd's favor despite Duke's hostility to him.

"Yes. I came back last night. Sorry for my carelessness. I should have called to let you know my return." Kevin's voice was apologetic. Getting his father-in-law's approval was something he never expected. Thus, he cherished this hard-won fondness.

"It's all right. I'm glad that you are back safe

k her wedding seriously. She didn't even get to experience walking on a red carpet since the bridegroom didn't want to marry her. It was all good now though because Edward and she fell immeasurably after. The process wasn't important as long as they ended up happy.

The wedding was held in an orderly manner. The next step was to exchange the rings. With a hint of a smile playing on their lips, the bride and bridegroom looked at each other fondly. Set off by the splendid evening glow, the bright pearls were shining. Belinda was enchanting as the dazzling lights bathed her. What a stunning bride she was in the ingeniously designed gown! Her beauty charmed all the guests present. The designer of the gown must be a true genius.

Duke was in ecstasy throughout the wedding. Given his serious nature, he ended up displaying a faint smile the whole while. He stared at the most beautiful woman in the world with infinite tenderness. How lucky he was to have met and loved her in a vast sea of people. "You're my sole satellite, Belinda, " he said with his eyes filled with love, "I'd be lost in space without you."

Belinda blushed under her husband's warm gaze. Everything was like a dream to her. It was so surreal. She didn't think that she would marry the man who loved her one day. The same man with whom she would greet the brilliance of sunrise and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the moonlight. She whispered in her heart, 'There are going to be days where you're undone, stressed out, tired and spent. I will still love you just as much in those moments and maybe even a little more. Why? Because it will mean that you're letting me get close and see the real you. That's all I want.'

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