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   Chapter 812 The Wedding Ceremony (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6483

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"That's for sure. Their strength isn't a joke. That's why I use what I learnt at JC Military Academy to train our soldiers. Why do you think they call me the devil drillmaster?" The corner of Daisy's mouth twitched. She didn't care how her soldiers thought of her, all she cared about was their strength. So if they wanted to be her soldiers and be trained by her, they had to obey whatever she said, without any doubt.

"But you are also the best, right? Or you wouldn't have gotten those great grades everytime we took a test." Kevin admired her for her training skill. She was the type who could change people. Even the weakest soldier could turn into a standard soldier under her supervision. It was evident that she really trained her troops hard.

"Only by being harsh to oneself could one become truly successful. After all, success isn't easy to achieve, right? One can't really have it without putting in a lot effort." Daisy knew that her soldiers loved and hated her at the same time. It was just that she didn't give a damn. She knew that they would thank her for giving them a chance to challenge themselves and be better one day. Only by this could they become tougher and develop the strength to face the difficulties with grace and courage.

"I see, you have been encouraging yourself like this all this time. That's why you are this successful and admirable today." Kevin had always looked up to Daisy for her perseverance and courage. Well, probably except for the first time when they met and he judged her wrong. He couldn't help but feel ashamed whenever he recalled his disdain for her. Though it had been years, just the mere memory of it was enough to make him turn red with shame.

"That's because I'm a late bloomer. So I had to be extremely harsh to myself." It would be possible for her to still live under Yakira and her daughter's pressure if she hadn't been so hard on herself. If so, she would not have a

same thing to Duke once I meet him. Stop being childish! Don't think you can treat Kevin however you want just because Leena cares deeply about you." She knew about how much they cared for Leena and how they would spoil her without hesitation. Nonetheless, she was sure that those were not what Leena truly wanted. No woman would want to see her husband of choice being disrespected by her own family. That was just the way it was.

"Leena has us, and that's enough. He doesn't matter." Although, Edward managed to say those words, it was still undeniable that what his wife said hit a spot inside him. There was a sudden uncertainty in his eyes as he secretly questioned himself. 'Am I wrong all the time?'

"But can you promise to stay with her all her life? Can you immediately get to her whenever she calls because she's in need? No, you can't! So, if you can't do it yourself, then why won't you let someone else do it for you? It's for Leena's own good."

Daisy rolled her eyes in dismay. She had always known that Duke was extremely protective of his little sister, but it seemed that it was the same with Edward. In her eyes, the big problem with them was that they all thought their sister wouldn't be safe and happy with anyone else besides them. And this, was hard to change.

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