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   Chapter 811 The Wedding Ceremony (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6025

Updated: 2019-01-02 00:02

What he didn't expect though was that Rachel heard about their wedding from a god-knows-where. She was even aware that their wedding ceremony was being held in his house. Blinded by jealousy, she managed to pass through the guards and mix with the crowd. Something evil was reeling inside her head as she carefully hid behind people and waited for her opportunity. She wanted to breakeven for not getting Duke. She would destroy their wedding.

Everyone in the occasion was pleasantly surprised as soon as Kevin and Leena came in. He hadn't let anyone else know that he came home. They all thought that he couldn't make it to the wedding ceremony after all. Thus, his presence alone was already a show-stopper.

"Uncle Kevin, look at me! Do I look handsome?" Justin quickly ran to Kevin as soon as he saw him in the house. He was quite excited today and asked the same question to everyone he met. There were at least ten people he had asked.

"Oh, little guy, you are so handsome today! Can you tell uncle why you are dressed so nicely?" Honestly speaking, it wasn't rocket-science for Kevin to figure out what the little boy's part on that ceremony was. The suit for Justin today was already a giveaway. It was just that he couldn't help himself from bending down and teasing him with it.

"Let me tell you a little secret!" Justin giddily stood on his tiptoes, leaned to Kevin, and then whispered in his ear. "I'm the flower boy today!" The little boy even discreetly glanced at Leena as he did not want her to hear about the confidential topic.

"Pffft! No need to act all secret, okay? I know you begged to be the flower boy. Stop being all smug and cocky!" Leena snorted, unhappy with Justin's behaviour. It was still a mystery why the two would start to fight whenever they met. They wouldn'

didn't pay attention to Edward and Leena, who were cheerfully catching up. Instead, she greeted Kevin, who was heading towards them.

"Yeah! I just arrived yesterday. I thought that we'd meet today, so I didn't call you." Kevin kept his eyes on Edward as he spoke with Daisy. He wanted to greet him first but lost his chance when Edward held his wife by the hand and walked away without any ado. It seemed that Edward was still unhappy to see him.

"How was it? How was the special training? I bet it was great, right?" Daisy clearly knew that there was a lot to learn from international trainings. She had been to one but it was a shame that her training didn't last that long. Thus, she didn't learn enough. On the other hand, Kevin remained on that training for a long while, therefore, it was easy to say that he had learned a lot more.

"Not bad. The training was extremely hard but it was fortunate that it gave us vantage of how they train compared to us. We can train better in the future." Just like Daisy, Kevin got very excited the moment he started to talk about the army. It was easy to notice that he liked the topic as his genuine interest couldn't stop from showing on his face.

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