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   Chapter 810 The Wedding Ceremony (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6893

Updated: 2019-01-01 01:26

"Belinda, are you nervous?" Belinda saw Sherry sit beside her as the beautician worked on fixing her makeup. Her skin was already naturally flawless and smooth but she still desired to look nicer. She was the bride today after all. She wanted to show everyone her most beautiful side on her wedding day. Thus, the beautician's work was a necessity.

"No, why should I feel nervous?" Belinda took a deep breath. Well, she was indeed having some butterflies in her stomach but that didn't mean that she needed to admit that, right?

"You don't have to put on a brave face for me. Don't forget that I have been married too." Sherry knew how stubborn her daughter was. Everyone could sense her jitters filling the room from wall to wall and yet, she still wouldn't admit it no matter what.

"I know that you are married, okay? Or you wouldn't have me, would you?" The bride rolled her eyes at her mother's words. If her mother hadn't married her father, her father would have tons of women other than her mother now. And he would never be the man he was, who spoiled her mother for so many years. Of course, she didn't dare to say these words in front of her mother. Her mother wouldn't let her off easily if she did. It was her wedding day and any type of trouble was definitely not invited.

"Who says that I couldn't have you if I weren't married?" Sherry looked strangely at Belinda. Time had changed, and so did people's opinions. Nowadays was never like before. Any women could have a baby even before getting married. That idea was not being frowned upon anymore like how it was in ancient times. Girls who got pregnant before marriage were being punished really hard before. It was different now and she couldn't even imagine anyone who would blink an eye about it.

"Oh! I see. Well, I guess you just told me the truth! Do you mean that I was born before you and dad married each other? Am I right?" A glint of playfulness showed in Belinda's beautiful eyes as she acted like a child who found a big secret. Huh, no wonder both of her parents weren't o

o says I don't want you to leave? Don't flatter yourself. Well, I'm going to check on your father and see if he's ready." Sherry hurriedly stood up and left as she did not want Belinda to see her tears.

Belinda's eyes darkened. Her mother might not confess it but she knew it well that she did not want her to leave. After all, she had been abroad for so long and had very little time to be with her parents. The marriage was so soon and now she had to leave again. It seemed that her parents only raised her for this day as she hadn't gotten much chance to enjoy a little more time with them.

It wasn't a big wedding ceremony and most of the guests were their close friends and families. However, the crowd number still reached a little over a hundred, thus, the house was suddenly jam-packed and busy.

Duke had never been this happy. It was almost magical how his heart skipped a beat upon seeing his bride in her wedding dress. Awestruck was not even enough to describe what he felt. He had never seen her this beautiful. He had already given all the red packets he had to the bridesmaids just to be near her. Worse, they had almost peeled him off his clothes, which made his face lose all its color. It was lucky that Rain drew all the bridesmaids' attention away from him using his good looks. Thus, he finally had the chance to successfully pick up his bride.

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