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   Chapter 809 You Have No Choice But To Wait For Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7809

Updated: 2019-01-01 01:26

"Daddy, who is more handsome between us?" Justin got no choice but to turn his attention to his father since his mother instantly disappeared. He just realized that he had asked the wrong question. He should not have said "handsome", rather, he should have said "charming". After all, being described as handsome wasn't enough to justify his dad's look.

"What do you think, little fellow?" Edward smiled. There was really no need for a debate. So what if Justin was more handsome than he was? He ended up looking like that because he inherited his genes. His smile was quickly replaced by a frown as soon as he was back to turning the pages of his unhandled documents. He had intended to go to the Leng's house early in the morning. He never expected some important documents from foreign companies to come in the same morning though. Thus he had to finish his business before going out.

"All right! I failed. We aren't on the same level." Little Justin was downcast and lowered the head. He ran out of the study room and went straight to find his Grandpa as he could find a sense of superiority from him. After all, he was more like his grandpa. No one was as charming as Edward Mu.

Edward smiled. Good! It seemed that the boy knew himself well. It was not that he wanted to boast himself. It just happened that overcoming him on this aspect would be difficult for many. He had full confidence about it. Otherwise, he wouldn't be labeled as the 'rare type of handsome' by others.

Leena also got up much earlier in the morning due to Duke's wedding. However, Kevin was not on the bed anymore when she opened her eyes. She didn't care much about it as she had never seen him in the bed before. She just couldn't be too used to it anymore.

In order not to steal the show from the bride, she gave her favorite white clothes up and opted to wear a pale pinkish print skirt. The skirt made her look nifty but solemn. Her fashion was both clever and lively. People might think she was an elf at first glance.

There was no need for her to dress up more since she already had white skin. She applied a little makeup to match the occasion and made herself look a little more mature.

Fortunately, she had prepared Kevin's suit in advance. She seemed to have done the right thing. But where was he? Did he get out to exercise? But th

ldiers' attention. Admiration was all over their faces. It was rare to see such a luxury car in the army base.

Both sides of the road were full of leaves as it was autumn. Those leaves flew in the air as his car passed by, then gently fell to the ground. They were showing their last bloom.

Leena did not put the phone down until she heard the end-call beeped. A soft smile appeared on her face. She really did not want Kevin to do too much for her. It was enough for her that they could get along with each other.

People should not be greedy. That was the reason why she was extremely easy to satisfy. A warm word, a touch, a smile and a gentle look would be enough to make her happy.

But when it came to who should be the happiest person that day, there was no question that it should be today's bride, Belinda. She couldn't help but be happy even after her mother woke her up early in the morning. Her joy even remained long after the dresser had dressed her. That was the day when all the people would know that Duke Leng belonged to her. He was hers! So all other women who would approach him should go through her first.

She never believed that flash marriage could develop to true love. But she discovered that love could grow slowly after she met Duke. Anyway, people who lived together for a long time tended to lightly affect each other. Being similar to one another was something inevitable too. And finally, they fell in love. So she hoped that their affection would be just like how water flowed in rivers, gentle and everlasting.

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