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   Chapter 807 Get Accustomed To Me (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6807

Updated: 2019-01-01 01:26

Kevin just allowed himself to sink into silence for a couple of minutes. He rushed out of the room after noticing Leena was gone. He went upstairs and then downstairs in search of her. But he couldn't find Leena anywhere, though he turned the whole apartment upside down. Kevin finally panicked. He took the phone and called Leena, hoping she could answer his call immediately. But he heard Leena's ringtone nearby. It was there on the bed, flashing a dim blue light while it rang.

It was so late. Where did she go? Did she leave? Kevin picked up his keys and ran downstairs as soon as this idea struck him. He was in such a hurry that he still wore his pajamas. He needed to check whether Leena's car was still in the parking garage.

Kevin went to the parking garage by lift, and immediately saw Leena's red Ferrari as the door of the lift was opened. Kevin's heart resettled to his chest again. Leena didn't leave and her car was still there. Leena seemed to have undergone a tremendous emotional upheaval. What if she lost control of her emotions when she was driving? It would be dangerous for her to drive in that state.

Kevin returned home. Leena must still be in the apartment, and there must be some places he had forgotten. It was impossible for her to disappear all of a sudden. That only happened in period fantasies, and she was far from a ghost or a forest spirit.

Kevin rubbed his forehead to relieve the tension headache. Somehow, he felt regret. There must have been something wrong with him. Otherwise, he should not have upset Leena so soon after coming back from his training. Did the training numb his nerves or empty his brain? Kevin wondered why Leena got mad at him.

Kevin combed every corner on the first floor. Then the second floor. But he didn't find Leena although he had searched every room. Leena seemed to have vanished from the earth! Kevin's heart was in his throat now. He could not help but worry about her. Where had she gone? Kevin leaned against the wall, quite exhausted. Then a dim light

w Kevin's attention to them like a moth to a flame. Kevin furrowed his brows at the sight of Leena's swollen orbs. In a stern manner, he stared at Leena's face for a long time.

Leena felt too shy under Kevin's scrutiny. Unwilling to show her red nose tip and eyes in front of Kevin, she turned around in silence. She was not in the mood to talk to him at this moment.

Kevin studied the interior carefully. The empty room was filled with stuff now: various mannequins, a sewing machine and every conceivable kind of cloth. In the middle of the room was a huge desk, on which were scattered colorful pieces of paper. Since he stood a little bit away from it, he could not see the drawings on the paper.

"When did you change up this room? I don't even recognize it. " If he hadn't come here for Leena's sake, he would not have known anything of those dramatic changes in the room. He really paid little attention to his home.

"I'm sorry! I made an arrangement without your permission. This is my office now." This time, Leena sounded quite cold and aloof. She had concealed her usual sweetness and shielded herself under a cool attitude, which, in Leena's opinion, could protect her from getting hurt. True, it was hard for Leena to assume such a chilly attitude toward Kevin. Once she did so, however, it was obvious that she was very deeply hurt.

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