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   Chapter 806 Get Accustomed To Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6670

Updated: 2019-01-01 01:04

"Ouch! What the hell, Leena? From Little Red Riding Hood to the Big Bad Wolf?" Frowning, Kevin tried to figure out what was going on. Despite the pain, he had no intention of setting Leena free. He must teach Leena how to get along with him. He hated to see her wear a mask to hide her true nature in front of him. Her unnatural attitude upset him a lot. The first step to help Leena get rid of her cautiousness around him was to let her get accustomed to his intimate touch.

"But Kevin, would you please let me go first?" Leena begged and struggled. Kevin's embrace was everything that Leena dreamed of. But she had to keep her distance from him as much as possible or else she would get addicted to his hugs. What if she became greedy for Kevin's love and asked for more? She must quash such a possibility before it happened.

"Oh, Leena, you must have a bad memory. I told you to get comfortable with me, or it'll be hard for you to walk into my world." Leena's reluctance toward his enthusiasm irritated Kevin a little. It seemed she always assumed an indifferent attitude toward him, as if he meant nothing to her. That really hurt for a cocky guy like him. He couldn't accept Leena's cold attitude toward him.

Although he was not born with noble blood, he was handsome and charming. It was impossible that his appearance would scare Leena away. But it seemed that his charm meant nothing in Leena's eyes. She just wasn't that into him! As a proud man, Kevin was deeply hurt. In his frustration, Kevin was too disappointed to hold Leena tightly. But there was a voice in his heart calling for him to continue. As a result, Kevin had to suppress the sad feeling he was experiencing, convinced that Leena was just too naive to understand him.

"Are you angry, Kevin?" Leena asked, unsure of herself. She didn't mean to hurt Kevin. She was just afraid of being trapped in the snare of love, hoping her aloof attitude could keep her sober and offer her a chance to run away if Kevin found t

and turn it into a mountain. She had to be constantly on alert, as if she were in the middle of a war zone. She had to protect herself from all harm, especially from Kevin.

Leena swallowed and took a deep breath. She knew how terrible she looked even without the aid of a mirror. The sweet moment when Kevin held her in his arms was still fresh and lingered in her mind. She even wished for time to be frozen in that moment, held in his arms for all eternity. Since the happy moment was ephemeral, it could only be eternal once time stopped.

Leena was fully aware that it was impossible for Kevin to forget about Daisy. Nor did she have the right to ask him to forget. It was neither realistic nor practical. She only wished that there was a place for her in Kevin's heart, not matter how small that place was. That shouldn't be too much to ask. It was humble, to some degree. Leena believed that she would be satisfied as long as her wish was fulfilled. But she was wrong. What a big mistake she had made. Love drives people crazy and makes them become possessive. Now, Leena wanted more from Kevin, his hug, his kiss, his body and his soul. She would not share Kevin's heart with another woman. Leena had gotten panicked and lost herself. Her desire for Kevin had been far beyond her expectation. That idea terrified her.

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