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   Chapter 804 A Delicate Necklace (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6639

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"I would be lying if I said that I've never thought about him. So yes, I have. But it's not what you think. I have no feelings for him anymore. Every once in a while there's something that reminds me of him. There's no love stuff at all. Don't get me wrong, "

Leena smiled and replied. If Kevin hadn't mentioned it, she probably wouldn't have even thought twice about her French lover. Now when she thought of him, there were only vague memories. Everything was kind of hazy, and she was detached from it all. That man seemed to be nothing but an old black-and-white picture without any vitality.

"Not what I think? Girl, what do you mean by that?" Kevin looked at her and chuckled. He reached out and pinched her reddish face slightly. The skin on her face was so milky that he could not help touching it a few times.

"That! That!" Leena grew more embarrassed. Only if she knew what he thought in his heart! That way, she would not be too awkward to show her face, would she?

"What?" Kevin usually did not make fun of others a lot. But now he felt that his little wife was really a cutie and it was so funny to crack jokes with her. She was so cute and lovely when she was so shy that her face even turned red.

"I..." I'm going to take a shower." Just then, Leena stood up quickly and fled upstairs.

"Ha-ha..." Kevin could not help bursting into laughter. His loud guffaws echoed in the house, making Leena even shyer. She ran into the bedroom and shut the door without thinking about it.

Leena patted her hot face heavily to calm herself down. Then she opened his suitcase to take all the clothes out and hang them in the closet. As for some private stuff, she even did not look at it, let alone touch. But she grew curious at the sight of a delicate box. She hesitated so much and finally yielded to her curiosity and opened the box. It turned out that there was an ornate necklace inside. It was the latest and most fashionable style this year. As a fashion designer,

h, God! There were so many things she needed to think about if she was going to relocate her workshop. The last thing she wanted to do was just rely on herself for this. She needed help.

Suddenly, she remembered that she hadn't brought her laptop upstairs. So she walked out and went downstairs to fetch it. She had slept for too long in the daytime, so it was hard for her to fall asleep in the evening. And her inspirations for designs usually fell from the sky at midnight because, at that time, the whole world was draped in silence. She was able to come up with more ideas when there was no noise, and no one up.

But when she went downstairs, she couldn't find her laptop. Even Kevin was nowhere to be seen. She thought for a while and then walked quickly towards the study. She believed that he must have taken her laptop upstairs.

But when she arrived at the door of the study, she suddenly stopped her step. Taking a deep breath, Leena raised her hand and lightly rapped at the door. She had meant to walk directly into the study. But suddenly she realized that nerves were frayed now and she didn't want to be considered to be rude.

"Come in." Kevin was busily tapping away on the laptop, summarizing a report about the field training. Eyes fixed on the screen, he replied without even turning his head.

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