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   Chapter 803 A Delicate Necklace (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6566

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After they finished dinner, Kevin cleared the table and washed the dishes. Free from cleaning, Leena casually surfed the web. She wanted to take a look at some winter fashion collections from other designers so as to make sure that there wouldn't be any resemblance between hers and theirs. After all, designers might share similar inspirations sometimes. That happened a lot. Even though they might not be exactly the same, the similarities might extend to at least 50%. Therefore, in order to avoid being seen as a copycat, Leena would always add some new elements in addition to her original design to make her work fly its own colors as hard as she could.

Kevin would never expect that as an heiress from a rich family, Leena could have picked up their house so tidily without the help of a house-maid. Everything in their home was well-placed and the house was extremely clean. He was visibly moved by this fact.

He raised his head and took a look around the kitchen. It all looked different. Leena had run out and purchased a lot of tableware. He really started to think hard, swallowing and moving his Adam's apple. Now he started to feel that he was in a real home. All the things were tidied up and put in proper locations so that they were easily reachable. She seemed to be a smart girl.

As a soldier, he rarely had time to take care of everything at home ever since they got married. At first, he worried sometimes that she might be unable to take it. But she managed everything silently. He was just unable to imagine this. Young women nowadays were not so capable of dealing with housework, cooking, or even being alone. That set his mind at ease somewhat.

After cleaning and drying all the dishes, he put them into the disinfection cabinet and then walked out of the kitchen. He walked up to Leena without making any noise, standing behind her and watching her browse some web pages and videos about fashion shows. He recalled that last time s

, she had a difficult time in a relationship. That was why she chose him when she got drunk.

"Ur! Do you really think that?" Leena's face heated up with embarrassment. Well, she didn't want to call it a break-up, but indeed, she got hurt.

"I can't figure out any other reason apart from this. You drank so much and were massively shit-faced at that time." Somehow, Kevin felt uncomfortable at the thought that she might still have feelings for another man.

"Well, not really. I found out that I was not so heartbroken as I had imagined I might be after we stopped talking to each other. I even felt relieved to some degree. It seemed that he wasn't that important to me. Probably I was too lonely when I was living abroad alone and just tried to find someone to relieve my loneliness. It had nothing to do with real love."

Leena did not know why she said this to Kevin. Maybe, deep down, she did not want Kevin to misunderstand her so she decided to tell him everything.

"You've been back for such a long time. Have you never thought about him, even once?" Kevin sighed in relief. His heart was safe for now. Still, he could not help wanting to know more. He wanted to know who on earth this guy was. Did he have to worry about him? Since she married Kevin, how similar was he to the other guy?

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